Tonight at Harvest Orange County!

We all make hundreds of them each and every day.
Some are rather insignificant and mundane.
Other choices could alter the course of our lives.
We make our choices; and then our choices make us.
So let me ask you a question: Are you making wise spiritual choices?
The reason I ask this is because TONIGHT at Harvest Orange County I want to look at the lives of two men that are presented side by side in Scripture.
One, Abraham, by and large made the right choices in life. The other, Lot, make the wrong choices.
You will be amazed at what happened as a result.
This message is called “The Importance of Right Choices” and it is based on Genesis 13.
The service starts at 7:00 PM, Pacific.
There will also be music from my friend Dennis Agajanian!
So join us in person or watch it all live at

One thought on “Tonight at Harvest Orange County!”

  1. Lori says:

    Pastor Greg, I saw this message at 2 am. I could not sleep because after three years of sobriety, I wanted a drink very badly. I asked the Lord to take it away. I got up to go to my computer to find a distraction and remembered you had given a message at your Thursday night OC gig. I turned it on and I have to say it was one powerful message. I went to sleep about 4 am and slept like a baby, craving all gone, and a peace about my circumstances. It was a very engaging message and totally turned me around. So thank you. Stay the course as Pastor Chuck tells you, the Holy Spirit is using you mightily.

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