This Weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County

Some of the most often asked questions by believers are-
What do people in heaven know about what is happening here on earth?
What will we do in heaven?
What about all these books written by people who claim to have gone to heaven and return? Can they be trusted?
When do we get glorified bodies as Christians?
Who are the 144,000 people mentioned in the Book of Revelation?
These are all significant questions that will be answer tomorrow at Harvest Riverside and Orange County in my message “What Heaven Knows about Earth.”
You can join us in person or watch live at

2 thoughts on “This Weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County”

  1. Julio Martinez says:

    I am moving to orange county this month. I want to attend Harvest event. I can’t find anywhere on any website where i can get tickets. PLEASE Advise. Thank you … Vaya Con Dios

    1. Brian Jackson says:

      The Harvest Crusades in Southern California are not ticketed events.
      Just show up! More information can be found at

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