The Harvest Crusade starts this evening at 6:00 PM,PST.
Amazing musical lineup with Gungor,David Crowder and Third Day.
My message title is “How to Find Personal Happiness”.
You can watch it LIVE at

18 thoughts on “TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT!”

  1. Willie says:

    Pastor Greg & the team of Harvest crusades. Thanks
    for the priviledge of praying for the blessings of the whole affair.The power of the Spirit of God visited all who expected and ask for Him. We blessed
    and lift Him to the Father,Who promised us a helper
    His word never fails. By His amazing grace may all those touched in this crusade make a difference in
    and around their circle by making others aware of
    seeking God and loving people. When this happens then
    we’ll see another promise of our Lord who said
    I will heal your land. Shalom and Amen!!

  2. Beckie Page says:

    In agreement with Pamela Andrews, I also live in Maine. Moved here 3 years ago and have never been in such a spiritually dark place. I am praying for a huge move of the Spirit here in Maine. The people are not being told, and without the message they will perish! We would love to have a Harvest here as well. But we will be glued to the internet tonight watching what God does! I have been praying ever since I heard about it. I praise God for you, Greg, and pray this is the harvest just before the rapture! God bless you mightily for your work.

  3. jack gross says:

    Greg cant wait for your megs to be heard across the world .god help us all .ONE day if i had the money i would love to see you in person and thank you so much for the way god has used you for his purpose to help others ,god grace to you and your family .jack

  4. Amy M. says:

    Dear Pastor Greg,I promise to pray for you and everyone involved today, as Harvest America is presented to the world…May The Lord Bless You as You Present God”s Awesome Word and tell so many about the Saving Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ and about The Holy Spirit, who is here to comfort us. Pastor Greg, I know that your life hasn”t been easy, since you were very small,and then your son Chris passing ( I’d like to say that God needed him sooner to help get your mansion ready for when your whole family gets to have the biggest reunion ever 🙂 <3..I'm very Greatful for your ministry 🙂 I have place several family members & friends, in your prayer cloud but I have a request that the Lord would heal my Heart ( Prodical Daughter who has lost crediblity to stand for The Lord ).Please he's never left my heart..Will you pray for me that my life will be a life that others see my Lord.(.and not the dumb, foolish person, who for a short time, but now seems forever, because I can't erase that time frame in my life ), Walked away because I wanted to be accepted and not excluded from the crowd..The consequences are the hardest to live with..Pray that the Lord would grant me wisdom in my dicision making and when I'm not sure what to do ,that he would sent me guidance from his word and people/family that not only Love me But Love The Lord…The Healing of my heart is to really know that I am Truely forgiven by My Heavenly Father ( like the Prodical Son was ), That my Joy may return.That My heart, My Whole Being would always remain His.Also to not grieve the Holy Spirit, or the Father or The Lord ( Christ),because I want my way.(.Pray that the Holy Spirit Will help Me to Honor and give all the Glory to The Lord..Because He LOVED Me First )..May others See Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in this new person who has re-dedicated My life to the Lord..Pastor Greg, Harvest America Reminds me of the time I first saw Pastor Billy Graham on T.V..
    So many people came forward to accept Christ as they sang the song "Just as I am"…now so many years later, The Lord Has Blessed and Called You and All The Staff in the back ground to once again, call on many, to believe in Christ! It's Awesome!..Christ is going to stand and knock on the doors of many Hearts and I will pray too that many will open their hearts and let him in for a life time and always 🙂 Amen , Halelujah ! (ps. as a very young girl in sunday school our teacher told us that God would not come back until everyone had heard his WORD. Then she asked the class if we had any idea as to how God could make this happen, the room suddenly got quiet and then I waved my hand in the air and she called on me ( her name was Dolly ), and I told her "By television", because color T.V. was just invented..I guess I'm dating myself but that's alright :)..But look @ All the I.T equipment that has been created since then..WOW! COOL!..I know that you like techy stuff but I'm not so great @ it but thats alright 🙂
    I'll be Praying for everyone esp. for you and the very large crew and the Singers & Those who play a Instrument,.,. but most of all for all the brand "New Saints"…Thank You for all that you do and for the sacrifice that your family gives to us and to the Lord's work 🙂 The Lord Bless You & Cathe 🙂 <3

  5. Pamela Andrews says:

    I wish that someday Harvest could have a live event in Maine. Do you see the void of hosts in that state? It has become the darkest state in the nation. I’m going to Central Square tonight for the event – one of only two hosts in the whole state. We need Jesus here!

  6. BlessedJohn says:

    My wife and I have heard that the event starts at 4 PT. and read also at 6 and 7 PT. Can you please confirm? Christ’s Blessings, John 3:16

    1. Brian Jackson says:

      Sunday starts at 4:00 Pacific, 7:00 Eastern.

  7. Joey says:

    Hello Pastor Greg. I am praying for you and for those who will be given the opportunity to come to know Christ tonight. Your ministry and that of Calvary Chapel way back in 1984 in Manila has given me a love for Jesus and God’s Word, like no other. Shalom.

  8. Lakota says:


  9. Ana Rencoret says:

    Pastor Greg I appreciate so much your ministry, God bless you more and more everday

  10. Jane DelRossi says:

    We are hunkered down here in the Florida Keys for the “visit” by our pal, Hurricane Isaac, and we are praying for all of you in Anaheim and around America….to God be ALL the glory!!!!

  11. John K says:

    Pastor Greg, I’ve been praying for you for years now and with this Harvest event I am praying that the Holy Spririt will anoint you and give you the words He wants you to speak to those hearts He has perpared for you to speak to. May the Lord make you bold, strong and courageous and give you His peace that surpasses all underestanding tonight and tomorrow night. My prayers are with you and God Bless You!

  12. Sylvia Hashimoto says:


  13. Christopher Echols says:

    GOD Bless you Greg!!!
    GOD Bless your ministry!!!
    GOD Bless Harvest America!!!
    GOD Bless America!!!
    May the Holy Spirit prepare the hearts of those who hear the messege tomorrow.
    And may they all open that door and let Jesus in when he knocks.
    I agree, this country needs a revival and I believe that it has begun with you and Harvest America.

  14. MARIE CARSON says:


  15. LeAnn Short says:

    Cant wait!! So excited and cant wait to see the move of God! I have drifted away from God for so long and have recently turned my life over back over to him and never want to leave him again… I recently came across Greg Laurie thanks to my Mom for telling me she listens to his radio show on her way to work so I looked him up. Added his channel to our Roku box and LOVE watching his sermons! I am so excited about tonight and will def be watching live. Thank you so much Pastor Greg for your words of wisdom and preaching Gods word to better understand our purpose here on Earth and in a way that opens my eyes to see…” Oh yes I understand what that means now”! I was blind but now I see… It’s food for my soul! Can’t wait to see the move of the Holy spirit in this place tonight! God Bless you!!

  16. Sandra Stroming says:

    I am so excited I am about ready to leave…on my down the hill from the High Desert to attend Harvest…I can’t wait I am 52 and have always wanted to attend and this year will be my first time. I can’t wait to hear Pastor Greg’s message tonight it is just exactly what I need an want to hear!!!! This has been struggle of mine EVERY DAY!!! for most of my life…I am so grateful for this time!!!!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!!!

  17. PBJ says:

    I can’t wait I have been waiting for months!! My mom got saved in this ministry and she is now in heaven rejocing and worshipping the King of Kinfs and the Lord of Lords! I want all my family to have a great reunion some day!!

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