What a Night!

Last night was epic!
We saw 41,000 people packed into Angel Stadium.
Best of all,when the invitation was given to receive Christ, 4,288 responded!
That is over 10%!
So,thanks for your prayers.
Tonight is the most important night in Harvest Crusade history where we literally share the Gospel across America and around the world!
We now have 2000 live sites that will show the live HD video feed from the event.
600 Christian radio stations will be airing a live feed.
Plus, tonight’s service will be carried by 2 Christian TV networks taking the message globally.
This will take our live viewing audience into the millions!
But when it’s all said and done,this is about individuals that need Jesus.
So be praying about who you can get to either come with you to the event or a host venue or simply to tune in on their TV, radio, computer, table, or smartphone.
For more info, go to www.harvestamerica.com

6 thoughts on “What a Night!”

  1. Lisa says:

    Although she was raised in faith, since 2002 I’ve been praying for our now 27 year old daughter to make a personal commitment to dedicate her life to Christ…..Well never underestimate the power of a praying mom….Ten years later…on August 25, 2012, my daughter ran down onto that field….Thank you Lord! You are awesome! and thank you Greg Laurie for your ministry.

  2. Hank Bruflodt says:

    I told many people on the field at Anaheim stadium, “Just think, one day in Heaven we will meet again and remember this night!” What a night, indeed. Serving as a decision follow-up counsellor was an enormous blessing and I am so thankful to the Lord, to Greg Laurie, and to all those souls who prayed and volunteered. The stadium is hardly Heaven, but you sure could feel it there!!!

  3. Carol Ellis says:

    I have been wanting to find a church like yours for sometime now and so it was a real treat to see it live last night. I listen to you everymorning on the radio and enjoy very much. Keep up the good work and may we give all the glory to the Good LORD Above God Bless Carol

  4. Kas Hemsworth says:

    Thank You Jesus for being our Way. And thank you Pastor Greg for taking the path that diverges to the RIGHT, and inviting us all along for the ride! The Holy Spirit worked mightily on Sunday night, and will continue to do so for all who “received and believed”. Oh yes – the Holy Spirit was working hard on Saturday night too! AMEN!

  5. CA says:

    Thank you God for your Holy Spirit being there and everywhere else helping Greg and all of the other saints in sharing the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
    I pray that this is only the beginning of the revival of Biblical Christianity in America, which it sorely needs.
    BTW, I witnessed over 30 people walk forward during the invitation at our Calvary Chapel in Chico, CA. Harvest America was simply amazing.
    Praise the LORD and God Bless America.

  6. Lynn A Comstock says:

    My 11 year old grandson went forward last night and received Jesus Christ.

    God worked in him and he decided to go down to the field.

    A wonderful night thank you God. and thanks to Greg Laurie for your ministry.

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