Harvest America is Tonight!

Tonight is the most important night in Harvest Crusade history where we literally share the gospel across America and around the world!
We now have 2000 live sites that will show the live HD video feed from the event.
600 Christian radio stations will be airing a live feed.
Plus, tonight’s service will be carried by two Christian TV networks.
For more information on that, go to

9 thoughts on “Harvest America is Tonight!”

  1. Gina Alvarez says:

    It was incredible! As we were facing the bands of Issac, the storm stopped before and after the program! De were expecting 500, but few came for fear of the storms and tornado warnings, but those that did come (more than I expected) came from very far despite the storm only because they found out that their churches had canceled for fear of Issac! I enjoyed the message, especially since this was my first crusade! It was

  2. Kathy Frisby says:

    How many showed up on Sunday August 26, 2012?
    I went Saturday it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gracie says:

    Hi Greg,
    Wow, I was able to attend the Harvest America yesterday, and it was great. More importantly, I know that venues across the nation and world were full and tuned in. My son’s church had a free barbecue and jumpers for the kids. He texted me during the crusade that it his church was packed and it was so exciting. He also said that it was as though they were at Anaheim in person. Will keep praying for all who received Jesus.

    Blessings and get some rest:),

  4. Julie Friske says:

    WOW powerful evening in Onalaska WI First Free church. (firstfree.org)
    I watch a family of 10 or more recommit to Christ to night. I had the opportunity to talk and Pray with them. I am so celebrating with heaven that I can’t sleep. Thank you and I will be ready to help in any way I can to get this crusade as a part of my daily life!


  5. miraflor metropoulos says:

    I watched you on the internet hoping and praying that our youngest daughter will come forward and accept Jesus as her personal Savior. With New Age, she has stayed away from attending church and thinks of it as only an organized religion. Her oldest sister is visiting her in Irvine this week and was able to convince her to attend Harvest America in Anaheim tonight. I prayed to God that hearing your preaching of the gospel would touch our youngest daughter’s heart as she listened to you tonight in a very personal way so that she may come to repent of her sin and follow Jesus’ teachings. Thank you for pointing out that everyone “must be born again” in order to enter Heaven and that what Jesus did on the cross paid for all of our sins. Grace is a gift from God and we can have peace when we die because we will be with our heavenly Father. Our daughter is a student at UCI and I am hoping she would connect with your church through campus ministry. I leave everything to God through the work of the Holy Spirit.
    By the way, I listen to you every morning as I drive myself to work on AM 1160 at 7 a.m.(Chicago area). Our oldest daughter is involved in church ministry and Praise Worship Team. She and her Dad have written Christian songs and recorded them.They are often well received. They also play at the different Nursing homes in our area to minister to the elderly. God works in a mysterious way and we are hoping that the seeds that are planted on people’s hearts will grow to fruition so that many will be saved. God bless you, Pastor Greg Laurie!!

    The Metropoulos Family of Willowbrook

  6. John Olexa says:

    I have just started listening to pastor Greg and he is quickly becoming my favorite preacher!

  7. Cynthia Fisher says:

    Watching from my home in Seagoville, Texas…………..awesome !

  8. jack gross says:

    GREG i listen to your radio megs every noon time while iam at work this has help me in my life a great dealthank you greg.

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