Need Some Hope Today?

If so, you ought to listen to the new series I am teaching on our radio broadcast, A New Beginning, today.
The series is called “Hope for Hurting Hearts.”
It offers hope for those who have:
Lost a loved one.
Are facing crisis
Have a troubled marriage
Have prodigal children

and much, much more.
To hear today’s program, go to

One thought on “Need Some Hope Today?”

  1. Joanne Jubala says:

    I was recently diagnosed with cancer in August. this last month has been rocky and scary. I have given it all up to the Lord and I know that the Lord will guide me protect me. my surgery is on Tuesday October second. I pray to the Lord for the Lord to guide my doctors and to embrace me through my surgery. I feel so guilty for being scared when I give it up to the Lord. I praise You Jesus

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