Light in a Very Dark Place

We are studying the Book of Revelation together on Sundays at Harvest.

The word revelation means “unveiling,” reminding us that it is not God’s desire to conceal but to reveal to us what is happening and will happen in our world.
This Sunday,we look at Revelation 11, where we see the Jewish temple rebuilt. Antichrist is in power wreaking havoc on the earth and things are looking pretty bleak. Then, the Lord raises up two mighty witnesses to proclaim His truth in a very dark place. This reminds us that God always has His man or woman in the right place to do His work.

Perhaps you are the only Christian in your family, neighborhood, or workplace. You will find encouragement as we look at this exciting chapter together.

I will be preaching at both Harvest Riverside and Orange County. The services will also be webcast LIVE at

One thought on “Light in a Very Dark Place”

  1. G. Salem says:

    Liked how you used scripture to support what you said. All the bible stories were relevant & told well. Also liked how you tied the two witnesses & “You are indestructable ’til…” together.
    God bless.

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