I will be live on the radio today!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you know about a special edition of A New Beginning that will be heard
In Southern California today that we are doing live in studio at KWVE here in Southern California.

We will talk about what the Lord did at our crusades this year, as well as focus on our upcoming Preach the Word conference. For those of you outside of Southern California, this special program will be aired sometime this week.

I will post a link to this program tomorrow, but if you want to listen live, you can go to KWVE’s Web site and listen in “real time” at 8:30 A.M. Pacific time.

3 thoughts on “I will be live on the radio today!”

  1. Rick & Linda says:

    i liked how you shared about being a prodigal or pig
    it made a lot of sense
    and also gave me hope for my 19 year old son

  2. Marie says:

    Pastor Greg,

    Before I begin I send you many hugs and comfort. You are a great man!
    Guess what here is the recipe for those NY dogs you like to eat!
    Slice 1 yellow onion
    Place in frying pan
    Need 1 can of tomato sauce
    Add to taste Ketchup(must be Heinz)
    Add to taste Mustard
    Voila – you have the onion sauce from NY
    You can use Sabrett Hot dogs (sold at Albertsons) or Hebrew National dogs
    Buy some sauerkraut, relish
    And you’ll be reminiscing for days!

    1 of the sheep!

  3. The Medina's says:

    Hi Greg and Family –

    Your latest note (10/27) about still not doing well and being apprehensive about the upcoming holidays touched our hearts. During this time in your lives, you have had so many notes – we sent a few, as well – of encouragement and hope; help for your aching heart. They’re nice but they don’t touch the hurt. They can’t.

    When Mom went Home 10 years ago (8/31/98), we, too, dreaded the upcoming holidays, particularly Thanksgiving, which was her fave. She was young, too – 55 (for a Mom, that’s young!). I kept thinking, “Lord, this has to be a mistake – she is supposed to be raptured with all of us . . can you send her back? Please?” To which He gently replied, “No.” That “no” has lasted what seems to be forever.

    Sometimes, I look in the mirror and wonder who that is looking back at me. It’s as though one of my limbs was removed from me – Mom and I were very close.

    Mom used to say, “Dying isn’t the problem – if you know the Lord – it’s the people left behind who have the problems.” No kidding, Mom. Even now, your words still resound with wisdom.

    What Sis and I did to help us through the difficult “holidays” was to make our own new ritual, if you will, out of it. For instance, we have used what was her b-day (10/1) to convey loving sentiments to one another in response to the gift she gave to us with one another as sisters. This was very helpful because instead of lamenting over the fact that she was “gone,” we rejoiced in the fact that we had each other and could share all of what Mom had been.

    I agree with Topher – the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows are my fave – and I’m the cook. So, when you feel better (that will happen, I promise – just don’t rush it), invite in some of the struggling in life the Lord directs you to for some of that great food. You’ll be feeding someone something that is wonderful who probably hasn’t had it before. Just a thought.

    And as far as marshmallows in Heaven? You bet’cha – they’re the Angel’s fave food!!

    It’s okay for us to be so sad that they’re gone, Pastor Greg . . . it was such a nice life with them around. But we’ll spend FOREVER with them. And, soon and very soon, we are going to see the King.

    You mean so much to so many and we are standing behind you to hold you up. Hold on.

    With our respect,

    The Medina Family
    Corona, CA

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