The weekend is here!

Preach the Word Conference

I’ve been working on a lot of the final details for what I believe will be a standout conference that we are calling Preach the Word!

The list of speakers is stellar, and if you believe God has called you to communicate His Word–be it as a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or home Bible study leader–you really ought to make plans to attend. It really could be life-changing.

For more info, click here.

Lost Boy in Albuquerque

I will be leaving Saturday for Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque (pastored by my friend, Skip Heitzig) to speak at their weekend services.

We will show a new cut of Lost Boy: The Documentary, and I will tell my personal story, including the new but sad chapter of my son’s unexpected departure to heaven.

We have been working on a new version of Lost Boy: The Documentary, for obvious reasons. With the death of Christopher, our story has changed, and it is now part of my story.

Lost Boy was and is about redemption, and we will talk about that redemption work in Christopher’s life in the update too.

Topher was very involved in this film project, and he helped me–along with Cathe and Jonathan–figure out what to leave in and what to leave out. He designed all the graphics and titles for it, and had been telling friends how excited he was about how the Lord was using this story.

Now it’s his story too, and he will be major part of it whenever the new film is shown.

We are also working on a new full-length version of Lost Boy: The Documentary that will be screened at the Preach the Word Conference and made available to you after that.

Don’t forget to vote Tuesday!

With this presidential election so close, and so many crucial issues at stake–like the lives of the unborn, future Supreme Court justice appointments, etc.–we as believers really need to pay attention and, most importantly, vote!

So I hope that you will familiarize yourself with each candidate’s platform and vote knowledgeably. One good Web site that will help you be informed is Wallbuilders.

8 thoughts on “The weekend is here!”

  1. Kari says:

    Pastor Greg

    You and your family have been in our prayers and want you to know that we have been praying for Brittany as she is getting ready to give birth. We know that God has her tucked under His wing, but know that there are such mixed feelings. May God lead you to verses in His Word that will bring you and yours strength and comfort coming into this holiday season.

  2. Miranda Family says:

    Pastor Greg ~
    Our family will be praying for the upcoming conference.

    Wow, when I read you were updating your book I got chills. It seems like our ‘book’ is really never over until we are with our Lord and Savior; I’m looking forward to that. But, in the meantime, we have to face the reality of life as we know it here on earth and all that comes with it. Looking forward to reading your revised version.

    Vote – you betcha!

    Praying for you and your family.

    Blessings ~ Becky

  3. Rod says:


    I respect what you do and how you stand up for the Lord our father. We need to vote for who will stand up for the way God wants us to live.

    Grace and Peace to you

  4. Rick & Linda says:

    Can we watch the Lost Boy movie in CA on channel 11 tomorrow, or is it only in Albuquerque? Let us know please.

  5. Rick & Linda says:

    greg we watched you online from calvary abq twice we were super blessed
    we love you

  6. Joan says:

    Hi Greg,
    I am definitely attending the Preach the Word Conference. I am aiming to learn how I can better communicate the Word to my Sunday School class and in ways that they can put it into practice.

    It is totally worth taking the time off of work to attend and I am excited to hear that you are working on the last details, as I know your hard work produces stellar, impacting results.

    High regards,
    Joan 🙂

  7. Jeff says:

    Thanks Greg for bringing the voting thing up for some reason this seams to be a touchy issue for some churches / some people. Seems some people seperate being a christian from their voting. I have been telling people voting is fairly easy see who or what lines up with the bible and that is how I vote. Regardless of other factors . It is such a crucial time for Christians to vote and help steer America it’s up to us…espcially here in california where a crucial state vote is happening.

    God bless you and your ministry Greg!

  8. Jorge says:

    Have a good time pastor Greg, I liked what you said today on A new beginging,i was thinking some of those questions as well!

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