If I could speak to my mom today . . .

As you may know–if you have read my story, Lost Boy–my mom died a few years ago. Despite my crazy upbringing, I always loved her and really wanted to take care of her, even as a little boy.

In Lost Boy, I talk about her prodigal ways and how she returned to the Lord before she left us. I believe that I will see her again in Heaven.

Today, on our radio program A New Beginning, host Dave Spiker asked me an unexpected question. I did not know he was going to ask it, so my answer is very much from the heart.

Here is the audio clip:
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Dave: If your mom was still here and you wanted to give her a copy of this book, what would you say to her as you gave her a copy of Lost Boy?

Greg: Well, I would say I’m telling both of our stories. And I hope that you know that your life helped to bring me to the place of commitment to Christ, and God used you to help me to see my need for the Lord and then to point others to Him. And I hope that you can see how God never forgot about you and how you came back to Him in the end and now everything you were looking for in life you have found in Christ in heaven.

See, my mom, she wanted to have fun. She wanted joy. She didn’t want to live a miserable, restricted life. Well, what does the Bible say? “In His presence is fullness of joy and on His right hand there are pleasures forevermore.”

You know, I have had dreams about my mom and whenever I dream about her, I don’t dream of her in her older state. I always dream of her in her younger, more beautiful state. And she is in a new body right now, not broken down by the ravages of age or abuse of different things. And I think she is more joyful than she has ever been before. And I wish she had found it earlier. But thank God she did find it before it was too late.

And you know, frankly, if she hadn’t lived the life that she lived, I don’t know that I would come to the place where I came and I look back on it now and, like Joseph, I can say God used it for good what was meant for evil. I think she would actually be kind of pleased by the way she comes out in the story because she is the rebel girl that runs from God but comes around under the wire in the end. I think she would kind of like it.

5 thoughts on “If I could speak to my mom today . . .”

  1. Christal says:

    Wow! The legacy one leaves behind without even knowing it. I’m sure your mother would be and is very happy with the love her once-broken son has for her. Once again, Pastor Greg, it’s awesome that you’ve allowed yourself to be used by the Lord to transform your pain and use it as a testimony to lead others to the Kingdom. And you’re so right…my favorite verse: “And we know that all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28.

    All Glory to our Lord,

    Christal (The voice who announces your live service Sunday mornings on K-wave)

  2. sifiso says:

    I am saying this on behalf of my son who lost his father when he was very young. if he could speak to dad i know he was going to him how much he loves him. i also miss him to be alive it is painfull to be a single mom
    God i love you more than any thing in this world. people laugh that i am not maried god help and take this shame away from me thank you for being the father to my son knowing jesus is good

  3. Teri says:

    That was so beautiful how you answered his question! Your mom is with Jesus right now, and you will see her again in heaven. She would be so proud of your book, Lost Boy. God uses our trials and joys to bring us around, and also to point others to Himself. I pray that when I go to be with the Lord, my daughters, and grandkids will have seen Jesus in my life!

  4. Danna says:

    I still am not at the point where I can find joy in the storms of life, “and count it all joy” eventhough God has proven himself faithful and turns it around for my good.
    When will I ever grow up and get to that place spiritually? I need more faith!

  5. Anne says:

    That was a great and very heart-felt audio clip. Thank you for sharing that.

    And I was there last night (great sermon). We’ve officially met. And now I fear I’m known as the constant blogger that doesn’t work. =\

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