Do You Want to Be Blessed?

If so, you will want to tune in to our radio broadcast today where I am teaching from the book of Revelation.

There is a special blessing promised to the person who reads, hears, and keeps the word of this great book (see Revelation 1:3). By the way, this is the only book in the Bible where a blessing is specifically promised to the reader.

In this sweeping overview of human history–past, present, and future–we are given a heavenly perspective on life.

The word revelation means “unveiling.” That’s because it is not God’s desire to conceal, but reveal.

In our radio broadcast today, we start a special series on the Seven Churches of Revelation. Jesus effectively tells us what He thinks of the church. To hear the broadcast, go to

One thought on “Do You Want to Be Blessed?”

  1. Juan says:

    Hello pastor Laurie, I was watching the news and I saw that Israel carried out 20 offensive airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, when it was being attacked from Hamas-ruled Gaza. Hamas’ military commander was killed during the airstrick in what is being described as Israel’s most intense attack on the territory in nearly four years. Iranian-armed Islamist movement which controls Gaza vowed it would “open the gates of hell”. When I saw this, I remember you reading from Revelation and talking about other countries attacking Israel. When i read this blog and you descrive what the word revelation means “unveiling.” And because it is not God’s desire to conceal, but reveal. This reminded me how close we are the the end of time, whe the lord will come for his churches beginning the rapture as it’s described in Revelation. This just confirms that the truth is in the word of God. Being in the military, it worries me that this could be the United States next destination.


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