Join me on the Love Song Couples Getaway, May 25-31, 2013

6 thoughts on “Join me on the Love Song Couples Getaway, May 25-31, 2013”

  1. Daph rogers says:

    Praise The Lord! To God Be the Glory!!! I just about have finished “Lost Boy” and the above are praises to our God but that he gave you the direction,ability and compassion to share your story. I laughed, I cried and man, do I relate to your story. May God always bless you and your family and keep you preaching and praising. Have a great one! Love you, Sistah Daph
    I cannot do any getaway due to lack of funds, guess I’ll have to wait for the free flight to Heaven with Jesus-Yeah!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi pastor Greg,
    I just want to say thank you. You have given your life to god and allowed him to use you to teach. God has given you hunger for knowledge and you didn’t keep what you learnt to yourself. Every time i listen or watch you preach I cry. Pastor Greg you are blessed, may god continue to bless you, and honor you double in every area and aspect of your life in this year 2013.

  3. Andrea Hamburg says:

    Looking forward to this event….will continue to pray over all the little details 🙂

  4. says:

    I would like more information

  5. Vernon VW says:

    Interested . can we afford?

  6. malinda medina says:

    hello Greg,
    how much is the grand total of the getaway? My husband and I have never been on a getaway together. My faith has always been there to help our marriage through all the trials that we have been through. This December 28th of 2012 will be our 5th wedding Anniversary. Especially with a blessed man and people as yourselves I know it will be one of the biggest blessings for us. Prayers are in effect, thank you!!

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