Tonight at Harvest Orange County

You want to know the easiest time to lose sight of Jesus?
The answer is right now, in the Christmas season.
We can be so busy running here there and everywhere, that we lose perspective.
We need to MAKE TIME for what really matters.
So, tonight, wherever you are, why not make some time for focusing on the real message of Christmas?
I want to look at a fascinating story of when Jesus was a boy and was taken to Jerusalem by Mary and Joseph, and they LOST HIM!
There is a clear parallel to the Christmas season we are in.
The title of the message is, “Don’t lose Jesus at Christmas!”
We are also going to have special Christmas music from Audrey Assad.
You can join us LIVE at Harvest Orange County in Southern California or watch the live webcast.
It starts at 7:00 PM  Pacific.

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