This Weekend at Harvest: “Who Is the Antichrist?”

He goes by many aliases: “The Man of Sin,” “The Son of Perdition,” “The Little Horn,”

“The Wicked One,” “The Prince Who is to Come,” “The One Who makes Desolate,” and of course, “The Beast.”

But most of us know him as . . .THE ANTICHRIST.

He has generated a lot of attention—from both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Hollywood has portrayed him in “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Devil’s Advocate,” and “The Omen.”

Marilyn Manson has an entire album calling him a “Superstar.” and googling his name generates almost 5 million pages.

But this coming world leader is not who you might expect. He won’t be dressed in all black with 666 on his forehead and steam rising around him. His eyes won’t glow red.

He will be suave, intelligent, engaging, magnetic, and charismatic. But it’s all a mask, hiding who he really is— the evilest man who ever lived.

There are over 100 passages that detail the origin, nationality, career, character, kingdom, and final doom of Antichrist.

That is what we will talk about together this weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County as a part of our Revelation: The Next Dimension series, as we look at Revelation chapter 13.

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  1. Mildred says:

    I am absolutely blessed each morning I tune into 95.5 (The Fish; Hawaii) to listen to Pastor Greg Laurie and most often times is the highlight of my days! I thank God for a servant who makes understanding His word possible! It would be the most awesome experience to see Pastor Greg preaching in person better yet to meet him! Some day- God willing. Thank you Pastor for the awesome messages but most importantly, I thank the Lord for the beautiful life in Pastor that shines the light to many!

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