The Secret Way

I have a little game I play with my granddaughters. When we are out and about, I ask them the question, “Do you want to go the regular way or do you want to go the secret way?”

Of course, they excitedly squeal, “The secret way, Papa, the secret way!” And that is the way we go.

Oh, by the way, there really is no “secret way” to speak of. If we are in a car, it’s simply an alternate route. Or if we are going into a restaurant, I may take them in a side door instead of the front.

The idea is, let’s have fun when and where we can.

Life is hard enough without making it harder. Sometimes we have rough days, and sometimes life is hard—very hard. Especially for a person who has lost a loved one and is in the depths of grief.

I speak to many of these people every day because I am a fellow griever, and we always seem to find each other.

I have found that a little humor can really help. One person said, “Laughter is a temporary vacation from grief.”

I like that. Or we could just call it “the secret way.”

The Bible says “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength” (Proverbs 17:22 NLT).

So try to laugh today. Or instead of going the regular way to where you need to go, try to go “the secret way.”

2 thoughts on “The Secret Way”

  1. Kahaawinui says:

    That is adorable Pastor Greg..instilling a game that can carry on as they grow…the secret way…keep a smile in your pocket for the rainy days.

  2. Karen Johnson says:

    I love this post. Such a cute thing to do with your granddaughters, but really a great principle for rising above the grief and sorrow. I am so thankful for your contribution to “grief education”. You have ministered to me so many times in the past 4.5 years.

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