God Is Looking for a Few Good Men (and Women!)

If you were God, and you wanted to touch the world, how would you go about it?

You could raise up an army of mighty angels, who would gladly do your bidding. Or you could just roll back the heavens and speak audibly to Planet Earth and say something like, “Hello everyone. I’m God and you’re not, and I want you to believe in me, now!”

But no, that is not how the Lord has decided to impact our planet. He chooses to use people—and flawed people at that.

When Jesus came to this earth, He chose 12 men: Peter, James, John, Matthew, Andrew, Thomas . . . we know their names well. But do we really know them? It’s a good idea to learn what we can about them, because they turned their world upside down.

They didn’t have modern technology to help them. No iPhones, iPads, Internet, texting, or e-mailing. They didn’t even have fax machines (which once were very high-tech). No MP3s, DVDs, CDs, cassettes, or even 8-tracks. Not even the printed page.

No,Thomas did not tweet, Peter did not have a Facebook page, and Andrew did not Instagram.
It was all done by “word of mouth,” person to person. Yet these hand-picked disciples, in a relatively short amount of time, shook the ancient world.

You know what? God is still looking for men and women to shake the world today.
Will you make yourself available?

2 thoughts on “God Is Looking for a Few Good Men (and Women!)”

  1. Adam Morgan says:

    Great note Mr. Laurie! Reminded me of this quote:

    “The Church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men.” EM Bounds



  2. Steve says:

    The Lord has allowed me and two friends a ministry 2 yrs. old now, of presenting the gospel to people. The first year God saved 205 people and last year God saved 470 people. We are presenting our Free Ticket Too Heaven to 4 churches doing an Easter outreach event tomorrow.God is definitely moving and drawing people to himself and allowing us to have a part in it!

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