Tonight at Harvest Orange County

We will sometimes say, “Now that’s a person after my own heart!”

What do we mean by that?
We are saying that person is a lot like us.

Now, imagine if you will, God Himself saying that about a person.

In fact He did, and that person’s name is David ,the greatest king in Israel’s history.
But WHY was David a man after God’s heart?

Surely he was not a perfect man, as we all know about his fall into sin with Bathsheba.

But there were so many redeeming qualities in his life we can and need to learn from.
So that’s what I want to talk about tonight at Harvest Orange County from our flyover of the Bible
“The greatest stories ever told.”

My topic tonight is “David: The Man After God’s Own Heart” from 1 Samuel 16.

3 thoughts on “Tonight at Harvest Orange County”

  1. ANNA says:

    I have been listening to your sermon in your Harvest America.Everyone can relate to your teaching, it is an eye opening for me.I heard you we’re here in Seattle WA a couple of years ago. I am hoping that you are going to come back in the area or Tacoma WA Area for another Harvest. There’s not a lot of Ministry that comes around here.
    God bless you and your Harvest America.
    Thank you.

  2. Alicia Andrew says:

    Pastor Laurie
    I have been watching your sermons from Alaska for a few years now. Gods words through you have moved me more than any other pastor I have ever heard speak. I had to know who you were and your story. I have read your story, and i now see why you are so powerful. You lived the life like that of so many i know personally . You have become what I pray for the people I have grown up knowing. I pray one day I will meet you . When you were speaking tonight about walking up to someone you don’t know if God so moves you, I wanted to walk right up to the podium and reach out to you but I respect my husband I know he would have gotten embarrassed. In any event I have a big request….you say you and others in your church go to people in need. I pray you will consider visiting a very small community in Alaska that I come from .Karluk , on Kodiak Island. I will pray until one Day soon God helps me with my request. My husband and I flew down here to OC this week to hear you speak. I wish you lived in our area. You are amazing. We also wanted to come to Maui but will be unable to. I would like more info on your next trip over seas. Thank you for all you do. You are such a gift from God. A gift You could be to other children of God, In my area. Thank you again!

  3. Jessica Duong says:

    Pastor Greg, we think that you are definitely a man after God’s Own Heart. Thank you for being a wonderful Pastor!

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