The Best Pizza I Have Ever Had

Yes, I thought that headline would grab your attention.
When we led our last trip to Israel we stopped in Rome, Italy and found a wonderful little homey Italian restaurant that I talk about in the video link posted below.
It’s a funny thing, because last Sunday in my message that I called “Beauty and the Beast” I was talking about heaven.
I mentioned in heaven we will eat at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and it was my hope that they have Italian food in heaven!So to illustrate I showed this video.
Instead of walking out of church and talking about heaven, everyone wanted pizza!
Anyway, here is a link to that video.
Ciao bella!

One thought on “The Best Pizza I Have Ever Had”

  1. Meighan peterson says:

    I like when he talks about all of the places he his been and here him talk food. And like when he talk about god and his kids to

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