Heavenly Oscars?

The Oscars are on tonight.
There may be a global audience of 40 million people watching around the world.
We will all wait for those words: “And the Oscar goes to. . . ”
Personally I am rooting for Les Miserables for Best Picture.
Did you know there will one day be a “heavenly” awards-type ceremony too?
It will not be about acting but about more about being real, as in being a real follower of Jesus Christ.
This is called the Judgment Seat of Christ.
It is not a judgment about who gets into heaven (fact is, this even happens in heaven!)
This judgment, or giving out of rewards, is about how faithfully you served the Lord as a Christian.
To find out more, check out my message today at Harvest Riverside and Orange County: “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.”
You can also watch the live or archived webcast of this message as well at www.harvest.org.

3 thoughts on “Heavenly Oscars?”

  1. Karey says:

    Aways a great comment/commentary from you, Pastor Greg! Thanks!!

  2. Lori says:

    The Bible talks about our receiving crowns. What’s even more glorious is that we will come in worship to Christ and lay down our crowns before him.

  3. Amaka says:

    By the grace of God, I will surely receive an award. Can’t wait to hear “Well done good and faithful servant.”

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