Tonight at Harvest Orange County


We all face them each and every day.
By “giants” I mean seemingly insurmountable problems and issues.
It might be a fear, an addiction, a threat.
This “giant” looms larger every day and you wonder if you can ever fell it.
Tonight at Harvest Orange County I want to look at one of the most well know stories in all of the Bible.
The story of David and Goliath.
This is a part of our series that I am calling The Greatest Stories Ever Told.
We will look at how David defeated his giant, Goliath, and also find out how to defeat ours in my message that I am calling “Dealing with Giants.”
The service starts at 7:00 PM, PST.
So, if you are in the Orange County area, please join us.
If you can’t do that, watch the live webcast at

2 thoughts on “Tonight at Harvest Orange County”

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Juan, I hope the message did help you! There’s always hope in Jesus Christ…

  2. Juan Botero says:

    I desperately need this message

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