The National Day of Prayer Is This Thursday.

I would appreciate your prayers as I pray for our nation.
We all need to take the very real challenges facing our nation seriously.
America need God’s help.
We cannot back away from what He says in Scripture.
The enemy will always attack when we seek to do God’s work, so let’s keep praying!

25 thoughts on “The National Day of Prayer Is This Thursday.”

  1. Patty says:

    Thank you so much for representing evangelicals in a moral way ! Keep up the good fight ! I am a evagelical christian who married into a very liberal progressive family and have felt attacked because of this issue. I try to remain faithfulvbut the family gangs up on me and wants to debate and argue — it is very frustrating! I pray God will keep you faithful and strOng

  2. Barbara says:

    Please pray that the powers of darkness which today are cloaked in political correctness be removed from our midst. I was fired from my job at Penn State University on 8/31/11 due to discussing the phrase In God We Trust with a coworker. My “faith-based comments” were deemed “inappropriate and disrespectful and unprofessional” by the administrators at Penn State. The head of our unit was a recently converted Hindu who openly spoke of her beliefs at a “holiday” party. Yet I was forbidden from using a quote with the word God in it and from discussing my faith in any way. As a single mom, I have been terribly struggling financially ever since. It’s a very sad day in America when our own national motto is prohibited due to its so-called offense. God HELP America, PLEASE!

    Thank you so much for your ministry. I listen to you and read your blogs whenever I can. Unfortunately, I now have to use the local library computer because mine broke and I cannot afford a new one. I can barely keep my utilities paid. Please pray for me and my family.

  3. Jose Vera says:

    Praying for you Pastor Greg…May The Lord fill you with His mighty Holy Spirit today. May our nation hear!
    Thank you…
    Forever thankful for you love for Jesus!

  4. Larry Witmer says:

    As you lead our nation in prayer, I pray God’s loving, reconciling Spirit will fill your heart and mind. My prayer is that you will focus on the values and moral commitments that bind us Americans together as one people. With the prophets, pray that our commitments to justice and to care for the most vulnerable will set us apart as a nation. With Jesus, pray that love – not fear, not self-righteousness, not selfishness – will bind us together as a nation that we might be a beacon pointing to God’s love for all peoples and all nations!

  5. Nancy Dominguez says:

    Praying for you in ernest that God will strengthen you and bless your words as you speak His truth. May his will be done especially in such a time as this. Our country needs to remember the God who was the reason for the forefathers to begin a new nation. They did not back down and were willing to risk their lives to become “One Nation Under God”. We too in a time where terrorism and darkness are heavy and present must stand firm in faith that God has a plan and unless His word is spoken to shed light in the darkness we too dishonor Him. We are His servants and His mouth piece.
    May God bless you in this situation and may we all continue to honor Him…thru prayer and petion on this matter.

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