This Weekend at Harvest Riveride and Orange County

The best is yet to come.
But is that really true?
It all depends.
If you are a Christian, there is no question better things are coming.
Most notably heaven, which is more than we can even imagine.
But in our life, we will also see God transform us and make us more like Jesus every day.
For me personally, life has only gotten better. Not easier, mind you, but better.
My life is not less complicated or less pressured or more trouble free.
But it is sweeter, richer, deeper, and far more satisfying.
That’s because every day, week, and month of walking with Jesus gets better and better.
That is what I want to talk about tomorrow.
We are in our new series, God Came Near.
We will be looking at the first miracle Jesus ever performed and what it means to us.
The title of the message is “The Best Is Yet to Come.”
Our text will be John chapter 2.
So join us for one of our services at either Harvest Riverside or Orange County.
Or you can watch the LIVE HD Webcast at

4 thoughts on “This Weekend at Harvest Riveride and Orange County”

  1. Deborah Weathers says:

    Pastor Greg my son and I have been attending the Riverside campass for a about a month. I have listen to you on radio for about a year. My old neighbors John and Jennifer invited us years ago but we were attending another church here in Riverside and didnt want to leave our church. The last couple months my soul has been thirsty. In January I told the Lord yes and I had to change we came to Harvest. The worship is alittle different than what Im use to but I come for the word and I thank you for the wisdom that you impart into the lives of the people. I think we have found our new home.

  2. Ray Stivers says:

    Do you still do live services in Orange County? When and Where?

  3. Renee Rodriguez says:

    Your message this mourning was Great the Lord finally got my husband to attend church with me and as I’m greatful for the Lord and for you Pastor Greg my husband really enjoyed going and said he is looking forward to attending and being part of the church I am so happy and greatful Thank you

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