Big Fireworks

Nothing says 4th of July like big fireworks!

Check out this video we made last year when I visited my friend Levi Lusko in Montana for the 4th.

51 thoughts on “Big Fireworks”

  1. Dennis Dark says:

    This was wonderful to watch. Could you tell me the vocalist o America The Beautiful?

    God bless,

    1. Brian Jackson says:

      Steve Wiggins

  2. belinda says:

    awesome!!!!! that’s celebrating the 4th!!! thank God patriotism still is alive in some states….thanks.

  3. linda says:

    Thanks Greg and Levi..loved it!!

  4. Rod Bault says:

    Greg… Levi… Nice Work!! May God Bless America, once again…!

  5. Paul Hengehold says:


    You are a true Soldier for Christ!

    Thank you for ALL you do‼️

  6. Steven Heald says:

    Thanks Greg & Levi! Happy Dependence Day!
    GOD Bless America!!!!
    Revival, Revival for our leaders and country!!!
    In our Saviors name, The Name above all names.
    Jesus the Christ Almighty!! :))

  7. mike says:

    You’ve made my day brother!
    Love ya pastor.

    ~An old missionary in Colombia.

  8. Kathy Rosales says:

    Lol! We’re here in California celebrating America’s birthday. Showed my 81 years young Dad the video and he’s ready to go to Montana next year to celebrate the 4th of July “the right way”!

  9. Joseph Johnson says:

    You can have a wonderful Indendence Day great
    music and fireworks or use candle to share a great .

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