New version of the Lost Boy film premiering

Whew! Well, we survived Christmas!

I have to admit that this was a very tough time for us, as we observed what was always one of my favorite times of the year without our our firstborn son. I was warned by others who have had loved ones die that the “first” everything is hard.

Interestingly, when I focused on the essential message of Christmas, I appreciated it more than I ever have. That message being that Jesus came to be born, die, and rise again from the dead.

But as for all of the rest (shopping, gatherings, etc.), it was very hard because we had so many, many memories of our son. Many of you have written me and spoken about your own pain during this time of the year. Please know that I am with you on that.

I was very encouraged by your blog entries and prayers, as well as the many people I encountered when I was out and about. Thank you for your kind words and prayers!

But frankly, I’m glad Christmas is finally over. Now, onward and upward!

Lost Boy at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa this Sunday night!

As I mentioned before, Lost Boy, the documentary film of my life, is going to premiere at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa this Sunday.

By the way, the book Lost Boy has been nominated for Outreach Magazine’s Outreach Resource of the Year in the Evangelism category.

The awards, according to Outreach Magazine, are meant to celebrate and encourage excellence in resources designed specifically to help the church reach out in areas such as evangelism, compassionate service, and cross-cultural ministries locally and worldwide. The winner will be announced in the spring.

I’m just thankful this book and film have been tools that believers can use to reach out to their friends.

Anyway, back to the Lost Boy movie

We have gone back to the editing bay and added quite a few new elements to it, including new photos of my Mom (supplied by my Aunt Willie) that we recently came across from her “Marilyn Monroe” period. Also included is film footage from this year’s Harvest Crusades events in Philadelphia and Anaheim.

We also went back into the studio and completely re-shot the ending. I told the story of Christopher’s sudden departure to heaven.

Lost Boy: The Next Chapter

So we are calling this new version Lost Boy: The Next Chapter.

My son Christopher was very involved in this project, doing all the graphics and giving me a lot of input on it overall. He spoke to many about his personal excitement in seeing God use this film to touch others.

Now it’s his story too. For when it’s all said and done, it’s the story of redemption in my life, as well as the life of my son.

If you are in the Southern California area, please join us for this special showing at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa this Sunday night at 7:00. I will also be speaking after the film.

That’s all for now.

11 thoughts on “New version of the Lost Boy film premiering”

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Greg,

    Don’t know if you’ll see this, but I wanted to thank you for choosing to be the man of God that He wants you to be. From personal experience, I know how draining it can be to follow Jesus closely, particularly when being attacked repeatedly. Although I’m certain that you still weep in private, God has enabled you to continue your testimony of the grace that is in you.

    I praise Him and I thank you!


  2. Dwayne says:

    I definitely want to get a DVD.

  3. Mariana says:

    Hi Pastor Greg!

    I’m looking forward to see the full-length new version of your documentary when you come to Dallas, so I can meet you there with a friend who will tag along. Please let us know in advance your plans for visiting the Dallas area, so we can plan our trip in advance too!

    So glad to read of the other bloggers who were at CCCM to see your documentary and listen to your message. Funny to read. You talked about the endorphins. LOL, I get a kick out of that joke each time I remember it. Thanks for sharing it =)

    I too look forward to meet the endorphins soon, when the new year comes and I go on to my new exercise and diet routine, which I have to admit doesn’t sound any apealing right now, but will grow on me (hopefully!)

    Big hugs.

  4. Amanda says:

    I was completely touched by your story and journey to Christ. I was with a friend tonight. She forced me to go with her and I am so truly thankful she did.

    To be honest, I had never been a religious person and I had never felt that I would be able to have a personal relationship with Christ because of my past. But after hearing your story and relating so much to it, I now see I was so wrong.

    Tonight, you inspired me to open my heart to Christ because He is what I’ve been looking for and He is what I have been missing. I would like to thank you for sharing your story tonight and I feel it changed me for the better.

    It is strange, I never thought I would feel so much more complete so suddenly, but no complaints! It’s a strangely amazing feeling. A feeling I can’t get enough of! I understand why all Jesus Freaks are always smiling! So again, thank you for your story.

  5. Margaret says:

    Dear Pastor Greg,
    We used to see you on Monday nights at CCCM (If your schedule ever lightens up, please come back!). =)) I have read a lot of your books, including Lost Boy, and just love the way you write.

    My husband and I went to see your story tonight and were truly blessed. We were both so moved that we rededicated our lives to Jesus and you led us in prayer. Thank you for telling your story!

  6. Nikki says:

    Pastor Greg, I met you tonight following the showing of Lost Boy. I was kind of at a loss for words as I was trying to rush because I knew you had a lot of people to see.

    My daughter Elexis went to heaven this September; she was 15. What I meant to say is that your daily e-mails and your personal blogs have helped me. Probably more than anything else, your words of Christopher being called to Heaven and what he is doing helps me so much to envision Elexis there. Cathe spoke on Thanksgiving at your aunt’s event and her words really helped me. Please let her know.

    You are constantly encouraging me to be faithful and trust in God, even though I miss her so much and don’t understand why He took her. Just wanted to let you know.

    You and your family are in my prayers.

  7. Ron says:

    Leah & I listened on KWVE. It was great!

  8. Maria says:

    I really lifted your family and the other families who have shared on this blog site (God knows who each one is) who would be facing the heartache of missing a loved one this December 25. I felt a relief for each of my brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing these hard times on December 26. As I reflected on it, I thought it was a good picture/analogy for whatever challenge we may be facing any date of the year.

    Remember, with our hope and faith in the Lord, our “December 26th” always comes, so hold on to Him! It won’t always hurt so intensely. Praising Him for His faithfulness to carry each of us through every day and especially for those extra-tough ones.

  9. evelyn says:

    Blessings to you Pastor Greg,

    This week especially, you and Cathe have been in my mind often, praying for the Lord’s continued strength, peace, love, and His presence to surround you everyday more and more, until you have that portion that pours out everywhere because you can’t contain it, and that the peace that surpasses all understanding and the joy of Jesus will be your garment. Our Daddy is so good that in this time when it continues to be difficult for you, you continue to pursue and seek His will, and that is to continue to make Him known, and be an example to many of us.

    I clearly and freshly remember these words from you, heaven is closer to you now! That describes how I feel many times. So what an awesome & glorious race to complete; remain strong, and continue the good work the Lord has set before you!

    I always wanted to share this with you, and it was never the right time, I believe today is the day. 🙂 Since there are not that many comments, you might get the chance to read mine. This is my time to share with you how you impacted my life.

    I came to California in 1995. I didn’t speak a word of English. I remember browsing through the FM radio stations to find something I could understand. I got to the end of the dial, 107.9, and I heard your voice and I just knew you were saying something about Jesus but I understood not a single word. All I was able to recognize was Jesus! I remember praying and just saying, “God, one day in my future, You will give me discernment. Teach me this language to understand what this guy is talking about. I want to understand what he’s saying!”

    Years passed, I completed high school and starting working as a waitress, by God’s divine grace and His goodness and faithfulness. After this sheep went astray for a while, about six years later in 2001, I got this job in the quality control department for this surfing apparel brand in Costa Mesa. My job was to drive to L.A. County daily to supervise our manufacturers. Guess what? I remember about the end of the dial and not able to understand in years back. Oh Pastor Greg, when I heard your voice on my way back home and identified you as the same guy I prayed to understand years ago, it was a glorious experience. There was so much joy in me. Oh my, I really enjoy the drive to L.A. Nobody else wanted that position or field because of the drive, but I did. 🙂 No one really knew why back then 🙂 It stirred my heart to get back into my walk with the Lord, and Seek Him.

    Your teaching was so clear, easy, and simple. It really changed my life! And I give thanks to the Lord for coming back to find this lost sheep. I love sharing this story because it’s a true witness of the Lord’s promise: “His Word never returns void, and fulfill its purpose in His perfect time.” It amazes me what the Lord does through His earthly vessels, and how He used you to grab my attention!!

    So this is the story that I waited so long to share with you. 🙂 I attend CCCM. I can’t wait till tomorrow night! Lord willing, we will be there! This last crusade in Anaheim, i served as a prayer follow-up person, and truly I loved it. God willing, I will continue to support your ministry.

    Pastor Greg and Cathe, love you dearly in Christ Jesus! Please know that you are in my constant prayers, and we have such a glorious purpose to continue in our walk.

    Wishing your family a Blessed New Year in 2009! Love you very much! Thank you.


  10. Jeannie says:

    Dearest Pastor Greg and Family,

    My heart ached for your beautiful family this holiday season, and you were all mentioned in our Christmas dinner meal. I have been reaching out to you and Harvest for over a year now and pray that this New Year finds myself and my family embraced within your church and word, as we are on the brink of loosing everything, so it is important to me that we regain our faith. I read your daily devotions every morning to start my day and they have helped me so much. I even wrote you and told you that I added extra marshmallows on my sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving in memory of Topher.

    I just know that I think of all of you constantly and continue to pray for you. Please, please, Pastor Greg, pray for my family as I know the power of your prayer. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  11. Norman & Laura says:

    Pastor Greg and Family,

    The most important part of Christmas for me and my husband is being able to spend it at Harvest. We love what Harvest does every year. This year was exceptional!!!

    I have a very dear friend that lives in Fountain Valley and attends CCCM. We will be attending your showing of Lost Boy: the Next Chapter on Sunday together. I look forward to seeing you and Pastor Chuck on Sunday evening.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

    We love you and thank God for you and all that you do.

    Norman and Laura Fiore

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