5 Marks of a Dead Church, Part 2


In my last post I listed 2 of 5 marks of a dying or dead church.
Here is a link to that post.

Here now, is Part 2 and the conclusion to that blog.

A Dead Church Has Lazy Leadership.

Complacency and lethargy set in as the church slips into spiritual cruise control, not wanting to do anything new or even rethink the way things are done. I can think of some methods and practices and programs in our own church—things we have done the same way for years—that probably need to be reexamined.
There are ways of doing things that used to work but haven’t worked very well for years.
“But we’ve always done it that way!”
Yes, but we don’t need to anymore.
Churches need to be constantly evaluating, considering, and weighing options—keeping in mind the big picture of what they were called into their communities to do.

A Dead Church Neglects Youth.

If they aren’t careful, aging congregations can so please themselves that they fail to reach the next generation. And that, my friend, spells death.
We started Harvest Christian Fellowship when I was just 20 years old. In fact, we had so many young people coming on Sunday nights that we started a Sunday morning service as an outreach to “older people”—those over 30!
Sometimes a worship pastor will want to introduce a style of music and will be told,
“The older people won’t like that.” Yes, but the younger people might like it very much—and maybe the older saints just need to flex a little.

A Dead Church Lacks Evangelistic Zeal.

If new converts aren’t coming into the church, then it’s only a matter of time until that church stagnates and becomes spiritually dead. New believers are the lifeblood of the church. We should want them . . . pray for them . . . embrace them . . . encourage them . . . minister to them in every way that we can.

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3 thoughts on “5 Marks of a Dead Church, Part 2”

  1. Alicia Andrew says:

    Thank you for the way you teach when you preach. You help make things so much easier to understand from Gods word. The humor you insert makes one wanting more and more amd interest never goes away. I look forward to your messages. Thank you so much for that !

  2. Hazel Morris says:

    Truly this is a sobering prophetic message. A “Right Now Word” It is Real, Raw, and Revelant for this time. Not only is this true of a church, but for all of us individuals who make up the Church. This should be a wake up call for all of us! The Church needs to come out of her slumber.

  3. Martin Schreck says:

    Everything you said is true, but not new. If the church (people), those who say they are believers, would read the Word, and spend some quiet time with the Lord they would indeed be proactive about using the tools at hand to sow the seed and gather in the harvest. Would it not be heartwarming if those who admire Paul’s life would also follow his example as seen in the book of Philippiance, etc. ?

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