Coming in 2012: HARVEST AMERICA!

Advances in technology now make it possible for Harvest Crusades to expand beyond the borders of Anaheim Stadium.

Using HD streaming, we can now take the gospel from one location into thousands of locations all across America…

We’re already doing this every Sunday as we live stream our messages from our website to thousands of individuals…

The next step is to take this from Anaheim, on Sunday evening, and enlist churches, arenas, Bible study groups, coffee houses, and anyone who desires to set up their own Harvest Crusade…


Coming to your community?

We’re calling it Harvest America. We are asking some of our good friends around the country—

James MacDonald, Jack Graham, Bob Coy, Joe Focht, Skip Hietzig and many others—

to become host sites where they will have their own worship, bring in special music,

and then take the live stream of the message from Angel Stadium…

One Day, One Church, One Message

What we hope to accomplish is this:

One Day, One Church, One Message that will deliver a huge harvest of souls…

We are working on a special website now that will facilitate how a church can be involved to receive training, promotional materials, and follow-up materials.

Our goal is to reach more than 5 million people in live stream sites over the next 1000 days. That’s more people than we’ve reached in 22 years of Harvest Crusades.

And if our average percentage of 10% response holds, we could see some 500,000 people make professions of faith in Christ! So be praying for Harvest America!

Contact your Pastor and see if your church would like to be a host-site for this historic event.

15 thoughts on “Coming in 2012: HARVEST AMERICA!”

  1. Sally says:

    Greg…The Lord is with you, He is in you…this is BIG and Im excited for the HARVEST this year because He is on His way…I see the signs and promises jumping off thd pages of His word. You were born for this purpose…”if God be for you who can stand against you”.
    Our prayers are with you. Let it rip! Blessings Pastor.

  2. roberta wavra says:

    God is so awesome! I will be praying for prison chaplains across the U.S. to pick-up your August 26 “live-feed” and bring Jesus’ saving grace into the hearts of people behind the walls. God Bless Harvest ministries.

  3. Mary Ann McDonnell says:

    Praise God! for using a man, such as Greg Laurie, to proclaim the Good News! God is always with us. It’s amazing how He uses others to help us remember how much He oves us and is holding out His hand. Harvest America is a God-worthy cause. Thank you, Lord for Pastor Laurie and Harvest Crusade. Continued blessing to all.

  4. Ken Harria says:

    Is this something a mid-size So. Cal. Church can get invovled with for our community?

  5. NANCY BRADLEY says:

    Please come to new jersey
    i was at your crusade in new york
    but jersey needs you too
    God bless you and your family

  6. josh williams says:

    WOW!!!!!!! God is truly moving through the Harvest Crusade, God Bless Harvest America!we will be praying for this, and to God be the Glory.

  7. Todd Miller says:

    New at becoming a Christian, and im loving it .. i believe if anyone can bring us all together , its going to be Greg Laurie. Thank you for all you and yours have done for all.

    God Bless.
    B.H.F.(believe, hope,faith)

  8. Lorie Welch says:

    I have friends in Wisconsin and a online prayer group that is all over the world. I have given them all, the link to this blog. Let’s pray for many to be exposed to this concept and run with it in their home study, neighborhood, church and the world….

  9. SharVenecia says:

    The only ones we can take to HEAVEN are people!! Great Holy Spirit idea!! I’ll be keeping this endeavor in prayer for sure. God Bless! 🙂

  10. Suzanne says:

    As one body in the church, we all need to pray everyday for this and to God be the glory!! He is so great to us and I love him very much!

  11. Roger H says:

    Wow . This is exciting .

  12. Justin says:

    Praise the Lord! This sounds great!

  13. Anonymous says:

    “And He came and preached peace to you who were afar off and to those who were near.”
    Eph. 2:17 KJV

  14. crystal thomasson says:

    I pray this “HARVEST” will reach far beyond your wildest dreams or expectations. . . That our Lords mighty powerful hand, through the workings of the Holy Spirit will be accomplished just as He promised in these last days. Oh! that we will witness all that He foretold in the most beautiful and miraculous of ways. . . .

  15. Karla I. Souve' says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize you would be expanding so quickly into this new genre. Great concept I can see where this is full proof. I can’t help but wonder if this is what people will be viewing in the future world wide (internationally), that which is prophesied in the Old Testament. How interesting to think about Pastor Greg that you would have your hand in this while God’s hand is upon you. Very, very exciting times!


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