Feeling a bit depressed this holiday season?

Are you facing a crisis of some kind?
Then you will want to hear my message tonight at Harvest Orange County:
“Surviving the Shipwrecks of Life”
The service starts at 7:00, PST and it will be webcast live at www.harvest.org.

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8 thoughts on “Feeling a bit depressed this holiday season?”

  1. Crystal says:

    I too am so lonely and Christmas intensifies this feeling. My children are grown, live in the same area as me but never come over. I have no husband, I have no friends. I go to church but those people don’t care about one another, they are “surface” friendly. I do not know how to go forward. I do not know how to serve God when ever fiber of my being wants to serve Him well and serve others. I have lived in this town all my life (56 yrs) and know no one. What do I do where do I turn I yearn for Godly people in my life. Pray for me please

  2. Susi says:

    I miss my family in Riverside CA. I am back home in Cape Town SA after a wonderful 2 months with them. I also miss Harvest Sundays….loved every service I went to. Also sad to.have missed the Christmas play both my grand daughters were in, I heard it was absolutely wonderful 🙂

  3. Mark Chapman says:

    Wish Our family could be together……I’ve been out of work for 2 1/2 years,we all have to live in different places to survive…not enough money or room to be together,miss my wife soo much ,and my son misses his mother…count all your blessings ,…..Merry Christmas,…everyone !!

  4. Tracie Mackenzie says:

    My husband passed away last June on Father’s Day. We were teenagers when we fell in love, got married, and were blessed to spend more than 30 years together. He died in an accidental drowning while participating in an early morning swim race. What hurts is he was an avid swimmer, was very familiar of the ocean waters he was swimming in so much that he referred to the area as his pool and most favorite place on earth, and usually won first place for his age group in previous swim races. So he basically went home to be with the Lord leaving the place on earth he loved the most. I didn’t go to the race that morning as we were going to meet at church. Well, that day didn’t go as we planned. I miss him so much. I have trouble sleeping. Everything around me reminds me of our wonderful life together. My faith is unmoved and I do submit my life to God’s will…, but the truth is it’s not easy (to want) to face each day. A submitted life requires to live it and to press on… This has been hard for me without my husband, but I can only put my trust in the Lord and His plan… I simply must… even through the loneliness and the pain…

  5. Ireana says:

    Continuous hardship. Lonely as never before, without ANY family in a new country. Asked, prayed, claimed, waited for months…and later begged God to help me to find my husband. Obviously, he likes me to suffer. I am not 25 anymore. And everyone has someone. I am severely depressed. All those sermons, that God is there to help seem to be just spiritual inspiration.

  6. Nellie sanchez says:

    My dad is very sick his been at the hospital for
    5 months so yes I’m a bit depressed, Dr. Are not
    Giving us hope..

  7. joe reid says:

    This time of year I feel depressed but not for the normal reasons. When I look at the worldly people around me I realize that most of them will not be in heaven I realize I dont have a burning desire to see them saved..What is wrong with me ? Does this mean I am not truly saved? Should I not be more concerned with their salvation?

  8. Bill Harris says:

    Im tired and want to go home its been a long hall the pain has been going on for 2 yrs when dose all the pain stop.

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