James Lee in Heaven

Many of you may not know James Lee, but he worked faithfully behind the scenes with me at Harvest and edited all of my blogs and many other writings.

He was a very talented and loving young man who deeply loved the Lord and his family. He knew and worked with my son Christopher at Harvest as well.

While we were in Israel, I heard the news that James had a brain tumor. As I usually communicated with him, I sent him an email. I wrote:


You are a good and godly man. You faithfully labor behind the scenes and do your work diligently and with excellence. We do not want you to leave us. But God is in control here. Do not abandon hope. There is much we do not know here:

Why did this happen?
What is the purpose of it?

But there is much we do know as well:

God is sovereign and in control.
God loves you.

Heaven is 100% real and guaranteed to you because you have put your faith in Christ. God causes “all things to work together for good…” (Romans 8:28). So now we must fall back on we do know instead of what we don’t know.”

 James wrote me back:

 “I wanted to write and thank you and Cathe for all of your prayers these last few weeks while I’ve been in the hospital. It truly has been a blessing to know how many people have been lifting up my family in prayer, and supporting us in any way possible. I guess we should never, ever be surprised when we see the church rise up, inspired by God, to support their own.
I do not know what the future holds, or how long that future is for me, but I am fully trusting the Lord and He has given me great peace—a peace I could not have imagined going into this. On a slightly different matter, I also want you to know that I am available to edit your blog posts again. I cannot guarantee the split-second response that you’re used to with me (I am still working on regaining all of my typing skills: a side effect of the chemotherapy wafers), but I want to continue to help you proclaim the gospel message to the people, and this is one way that I can do so.
So feel free to send me your entries and I will post them as quickly as I can. It’ll be just like old times again!”

That was James.
Despite the fact that he was receiving treatments for his cancer, he wanted to still use his gift to serve the Lord.

We prayed many times for James, but he was not healed as we had hoped. He was called to heaven on Friday, October 15 at 5:20 in the morning.

I spoke with James only hours before he went to heaven and I told him I loved Him and that heaven was going to be beyond his wildest dreams.

He told me he was ready to go.

In a blog post about my son Christopher’s departure to heaven, called “Missing Christopher,” long before James got cancer, he edited it and then wrote me back saying,  

“Just edited and updated your blog post for today and Facebook post for you… Continuing to pray for your family today…I miss Christopher tremendously too…”
Now, James and Christopher are together again.

James Lee will be missed.

Please pray for his family—his wife Dani and his two children Jimmy and Emma.

I have no question that James has already heard the Lord say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!” (Matthew 25:21 NLT).

20 thoughts on “James Lee in Heaven”

  1. Mary V.G. says:

    Regarding: Your Dear, Mr. James Lee,

    My prayers are continuing for his dear wife; Dani, and their children, as well as for the other family-members. May they too maintain their hope(s), and imagination(s), just as dear James was living: In the Word of the Lord; Who is always Firm and Immaculate. Giving ease to others and not receiving anything. Directing and yet not Directed. Always Present!!!

    Mary V.G.

  2. Denise says:

    James is a godly example of what we are here to do. We are to serve and do what the Lord has us to do in the world, and do it for the Glory of the Lord. We are to fight the good fight until the Lord calls us home. It blessed my soul to read about his faithfulness and has inspired me to be serve with more fervence for we are not promised tomorrow. I hope to be a little of James and Dani, I too want to hear the Lord say “well done good and faithful servant” I am so sorry for your loss Dani, I know you will miss him very much..

  3. Dani Lee says:

    I really appreciate you sharing James’ story. He loved to serve the Lord and was blessed to be able to do so at Harvest. The kids and I miss him more than words can express, but we rejoice in the fact that he is with the Lord. It was so neat to read the emails between you and James. What a blessing and encouragement! I am thankful you were able to speak with him before he passed. It meant a lot to him.

  4. Cathy says:

    Pastor Greg,
    Your blog about James Lee blessed me. I was there visiting him when you called and spoke to him for the last time. I wanted you to know that whatever you said when you first spoke with him put a smile on his lips! What an incredible encouragement he has been to me; what an incredible pastor James and I both have in you. God bless you, Pastor Greg. I miss both James and Christopher and look forward to when we will all be together before the throne of our King and Best Friend, Jesus- Lord and Savior of us all!

  5. Anita says:

    Praying for strength for James Lee’s family and all who knew, loved & will miss him. Didn’t know him, but it is clear he was a true Servant of God. May God Bless and comfort Dani, Jimmy, Emma & all his family & friends. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  6. Danny says:

    Bittersweet! Doing exactly what the Lord commands & he’s now reaping all of Gods rewards Matthew 28:19-20 as he has helped spread the gospel to the world!To God Be the Glory, & we will be praying for his wife Dani & the children for Gods comfort & guidance.

  7. vince says:

    What a privilege it is to be part of God’s family that no matter what life may bring our way or be taken from us, we as Christian’s can all come before a loving Father and lay our lives at His feet, look up at His gift to us the Cross of Christ and corporately lay our sorrows and our joys before Him knowing that we all will worship Him in Eternity

  8. Ssamula Rodgers Ivan says:

    What an encouragement! God created us for a purpose and by the end of life on earth we must have complete it. unfortunately some don’t while others exceed the limit. I thank God for James as tried even on his sickbed and think he was able to accomplish his purpose. may his soul rest in eternal perfect peace

  9. karen says:

    My heart goes out to his family. My son was born with a liver disease and we were told he needed to have surgery immediately to help save his life. He had a Kasi procedure when he turned 3 months old. One month later the surgery failed and we were told he only had 3 to 6 months to live if he didn’t get a liver transplant. We were put on a waiting list the highest the transplant list goes is to 40 then it is complete liver failure. We started at a 15 on the list within a month he was at a 36. We had people every where praying for him, and I finally said Lord it is in your hands I don’t want to lose him but you are the one who put him on this earth and you are the one who has a plan for him. It was hard, but we put it in the Lords hands. April 1st 2009 we got the call and our son got his new liver. He is now doing good and we are so blessed, God is so good. God has brought us a long way and we will always be faced with the unknown, but I thank God for every day I have him. Thank you for your uplifting messages. Continue to pray for my son and our family. Thank you so much.

  10. Cindi says:

    reading Dani’s posts about her beloved James has been a deep blessing. He will never know this side of heaven how he has ministered to me and many others. And so has Dani….this family truly loved the Lord.

  11. Joanie says:

    Thank you for sharing letters between you and James, what a joy to read and keep him alive in our hearts both he and Christopher are missed greatly, but their memories will last forever in our hearts.

  12. Solomon Kim says:

    Thank you Lord for allowing us to have the opportunities to be faithful with the little things. Soon like James you will call us for opportunities to be faithful with the greater things. I pray that Lord like James we will be faithful and place our trust in you. Though we may not understand all the pains and trials we know that Lord we are in your good hands. We can’t ask for more than that. Bless James’s family and continue to shine your faithfulness in their lives. In Christ’s Name,


  13. Roberta says:

    Thank you James for the example you lived. Thank you Greg for the post – what an huge encouragement to be ALL you can possibly be for the Lord no matter what the obstacle or circumstance!
    I Corinthians 15:58

  14. mike says:

    To God Be The Glory!

  15. Sherri says:

    Our hearts hurt for the Lee family, and we will continue to pray that our Lord will be their everything in the days ahead.

  16. Helen Talkin says:

    May God richly bless your family James Lee and Gregg your family as well.
    “It Is Well With My Soul” comes to mind. On that side of Heaven we will have the whys? Today we as the body of Christ we will hold each other up in His Loving Arms. May your nights especially be a restful time for you Mrs. Lee and your children.
    Helen your sister in the LORD

  17. Jason says:

    Father God
    I Pray for James’s family and those who knew him.
    Please Lord, Please give to each of them Your Peace Which Passses All Human Understanding, Your Unfailing Love and Your Strength To Guide Them Through Each Day?
    In Jesus Name I Pray

    Jason from Boronia, Victoria, Australia

  18. Walter Santos says:

    Thank you for sharing his story, I am encouraged to keep fighting the good fight.

  19. Nick Pislar says:

    Wow, What An EnCouragement… God Bless You Greg And The Crew… Its All For Gods Glory… Im Trilled That People Actually Give it There All… i Will Pray Right Now To Not Forget Later…

  20. Matthew says:

    Amen. Another co-worker that will be greatly missed. The Lord used both he and toph In my life and they underscore true God given talent. Our prayers are with Dani and the family.


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