Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination

I stand in support of President Trump nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Last week, I stood in support of the thousands upon thousands of people meeting and standing for life in Washington as I wrote these words on Facebook alongside a picture of myself and my mom:

“Life begins at conception, and every unborn baby has a right to live. I myself was conceived out of wedlock, so this is personal for me. I am thankful that my mom carried me to term and that I was allowed to live. If you are a woman who is pregnant, and you do not want to raise a child, have the baby and put it up for adoption. God has a plan for each life. Scripture says, ‘We are fearfully and wonderfully made'” (Psalm 139:14).

This week, I commend our President for nominating a judge to the Supreme Court who appears to be someone who will protect the right to life.

Judge Neil Gorsuch will have big shoes to fill in replacing the late and revered Justice Antonin Scalia. As Jefferson so eloquently reminded us, the God who gave us life gave us liberty, so I pray Mr. Gorsuch never forgets to value each and every American as the Lord does.

To that end, should he be confirmed, I would urge Judge Gorsuch to speak up for the rights of all those who are oppressed and marginalized, including the lives of the unborn. May he and his colleagues also be faithful voices for the fundamental right to the free exercise of religion, as we have seen such privileges become threatened by judicial overreach. With the immense power bestowed upon the Supreme Court, may our judges ensure that America will remain a beacon of hope in a world where so many are robbed of the freedom and dignity they deserve.

2 thoughts on “Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination”

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. What the world makes for bad, God turns to good.

  2. Carmen Nieves says:

    I was raped in 1969 and became pregnant. In those days abortion was illegal without consent from your doctor, a gynecologist and a psychiatrist. I was approved for an abortion. As I was laying on the table waiting, God talked to me and reminded me it was not the baby’s fault. I got up from that table and never regretted my decision. My son is 47 years old and is a blessing to me each and everyday. So abortion issues are a big thing for me. All babies deserve to live. My son shows me that everyday.

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