How Long Does It Take To Trust In Christ?

Have you ever lost anything in the ocean? You can pretty much you kiss it goodbye. You probably won’t ever see it again. Years ago I was scuba diving, and I was cruising along at about 15 feet below the surface. I could see the ocean floor, which was about 30 feet below the surface. I went out a little further, and the ocean floor dropped to 60 feet. I went to a depth of 30 feet and ventured out . . . read more ›

Thank You, Lord, for Billy Graham

I have to say, I have met many wonderful Christian men and women over the years, but the godliest man I have ever met is Billy Graham—not just because of the fact that he is the greatest evangelist in human history. It’s because Billy is the same privately that he is publicly. He often has said “I’m just a country preacher,” and though it may sound like a feigned humility, he is simply telling you the truth about himself. Raised . . . read more ›

A Response to Joy Behar: ‘More People Should Listen When Jesus Speaks’

Joy Behar recently said on “The View” that “it’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you.” This was in reference to a statement made about Vice President Pence allegedly saying that Jesus tells him things to say. Behar said hearing voices is a “mental illness” before Sherri Shepherd offered a limited defense of Pence. Let me address this statement, “Hearing voices is mental illness.” If that’s true, then Adam, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, the . . . read more ›

What Is Love?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to love. But what is love? If you listen to the songs that have been recorded over the years about love, you would find some interesting definitions. In fact, it’s kind of frightening to think that some people might come up with their view of love from movies and songs. For instance, what do we know about love from songs? We know that “what the world needs now is love, sweet love.” We also . . . read more ›

God’s Amazing Promises To You!

I read the other day that $5.8 billion in gift cards go unclaimed every year. Think of all that money not utilized. Those gift cards are already paid for. They just need to be cashed in. The Bible is filled with promises from God that we all too often disregard like unused gift cards. Someone has estimated there are 3,000 promises to believers found in the pages of Scripture. I don’t know if that figure is accurate, but I do . . . read more ›