The LA Harvest is only 20 days away!

Please be praying for this bold step of faith on the part of Harvest ministries as we go to the Dodger Stadium on 9/10/11.

To find out more about how to pray and what to pray for, check out this website:


4 thoughts on “The LA Harvest is only 20 days away!”

  1. Mark Stolz says:

    Pastor Greg,
    May God heap blessings on blessings to you as you spread the saving gospel and lead people to repentence and a turning to the Lord Jesus Christ as The Way,the Truth and the Life.

  2. Methode Maniraguha says:

    It’s 2 years now that I’ve been in Riverside from Rwanda, eastern Africa country. I’ve gotten an opportunity to go to Harvest Fellowship Church of Riverside, and I am thankful to God Almighty that I’ve seen how God is at Work here in USA. Being an Evangelist, I always pray for your ministries to Make Jesus known and I’m going to partner with you, Pastor Greg, to keep spreading the word of God starting in Riverside and many parts of Rwanda where the Gospel of Jesus is mostly needed! May God bless your ministries.

  3. Mark Klaffke says:

    I am praying for the Lost ones to come to the Saving knowledge of Jesus at this event, and that Revival will begin in our Churchs, so that people will get on fire for sharing the great Gospel message.

  4. Bobby vargas says:

    Pastor Greg, will definitely be praying for Harvest crusade LA, this is where I grew up and man this place needs the gospel, Thanks for letting your story become a part of my story! I came to Christ in 96 at a Harvest crusade in Anaheim and am now pastoring here in Moreno Valley I strongly believe in the vision!!!

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