The latest from Harvest New Zealand

Another great night in Auckland, NZ.
Full house tonight with 1,348 people responding to invitation to follow Christ.
1,800 Bibles were given out to spiritually hungry Kiwis!
That makes the total for the weekend 2,777 people responding!
To God be the glory.
More to come…

One thought on “The latest from Harvest New Zealand”

  1. James Gray says:

    Hi there,
    I’m a believer from Palmerston North, NZ, a small city several hundred km’s south of Auckland and even though we couldn’t attend, so many here in our beautiful country have been massively encouraged in our hearts. Many here in New Zealand have and continue to have expectant hearts for His Presence and to see lives reconciled to Him. Bring it on Lord, to You Alone be the Glory! Love in Christ, keep up the good work:)
    James & Maree Gray

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