The response to the invitation last night in Auckland was amazing!

What an opening night in Auckland, New Zealand!

The arena was packed and thousands were turned away from the first of two nights at the Vector Arena for the Harvest Crusade.

We had amazing music from Phil Joel, who was born in Auckland, as well as Martin Smith, former lead singer of Delirious?. The fantastic Katina brothers opened the night and Jeremy Camp brought things to a powerful musical close.

A New Beginning

I spoke about the deeply religious man, Nicodemus, and his conversation with Jesus from John chapter 3. The Kiwis are amazingly attentive and responded in a way that quite frankly shocked me.

When the invitation was given, out of a crowd of 9,800 people,  1,429 people responded to the invitation to commit their lives to Christ!

That is an amazing response.

Let me put that in perspective for you. When we do our evangelistic crusades, a 10% response is usually the highest we will have, and that is very good.

Last night, it was closer to a 15% response! This may be the highest percentage of people coming to Christ at one of our events EVER!

The event was also broadcast across the nation on the New Zealand Christian TV station, Shine TV.

Another 100 people made commitments to Christ by going to our website,

One more night to go

We have one more night here, so please remember us in prayer.

If you want to watch an archive of the event from Saturday night, go to:

4 thoughts on “The response to the invitation last night in Auckland was amazing!”

  1. Lori says:

    I watched via internet and the message was powerful. You know Greg, most of what you preached I’ve heard time and again, even the jokes, which I laugh at still, and the message of the gospel never loses its power. It never becomes mundane. I’ve been a believer 32 years and still the message touches me. My prayers for God’s continued anointing on you and the message.

  2. Matthew Webster says:

    Greg & everyone, you have truly put on not only a great event but more importantly an authentic representation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Clearly you are committed to sharing the Good News and being a blessing in a dark world that needs forgiveness, repentence and hope.

    Keep doing this good work and truly you have inspired me again to share what the Christian Faith is all about.

    God bless,

  3. larissa says:

    wow last night was so amazing it was real encouragement to me to see so many people coming to christ it was amazing to see so many people respond our country is searching and i want to thank you greg for your straightforward no nonsense message it was one of the best gospel messages i have heard 9 and in my 14 years i have heard quite a few!)

  4. Greg Denham says:

    HOLY!!! Ahh the Harvest is plentiful(Mt 9:37-38) … may believers throughout the world rise up as LABORERS in this generation … The Lord is always faithful to His name … The Gospel is the power of God to Salvation! Praying.

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