This Morning’s Prayer

Here is the prayer that I prayed at this morning’s national prayer service:

Our Father in Heaven and God of compassion,

Our prayer today is that You would be near to all who call upon Your name, that is the name above every name.

We pray that, in their daily life and work and service—in whatever form of service they are engaged in—that they would be devoted to our nation.

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, we commend to Your gracious care and keeping all the men and women of our armed forces at home and abroad. Defend them, day by day, with Your divine protection, in places of danger. Give them courage and loyalty.

And guide those also who represent our nation as members of the diplomatic corps, that they may be ambassadors of hope, working for peace and goodwill among all people.

Give us grace to do Your will in all that we undertake.

Almighty God, we also pray that You would instill in the governors of states, and the mayors of cities and towns, and civil servants, those that serve in school boards and councils, and all administrative and governmental authorities, that they would have the spirit of wisdom, and love, and justice, and compassion, that with steadfast purpose they may faithfully serve in their offices to promote the well-being of all people.

Give us grace to do Your will in all that we undertake.

I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

18 thoughts on “This Morning’s Prayer”

  1. Dennie Zantos says:

    And we say, Amen! Thank You, for standing up for life, freedom, and the right to stand up for Jesus, our Savior!

  2. Pamela Mechling says:

    Wow. Love this!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Father God, I pray that Pastor Greg, is always filled with your love for us and that he and family always receives your wisdom, but most of your GRACE.

  4. D.P.S. says:

    Well Done !

  5. Robert Greenlee says:

    As a Harvest Partner it truly is a answer to prayer to hear Pastor Greg praying over our country and President. Thank you Pastor Greg for your faithfulness.

  6. Anonymous says:

    One word…AWESOME!

  7. Dee Galvin says:

    Luke 10-19. Thank you Greg for your faithfulness. I hope you have the opportunity to share with our President. That Nehemiah was a great leader & also built a wall. However they were always against him. But he prayed while he worked & worked while he prayed. God bless you

  8. Mrs. Hale says:

    Thank you for joining together all of our Nation’s believers, to praise and petition God’s abiding love, guidance, and wisdom in these historic times.


    Pastor Greg, so proud of you, too, that you have a faithful voice in the work being done by those who power in our Country. Your prayer is a beautiful one that speaks to all who have heard it. Thank you for all you do in the sharing of God’s love and grace.

  10. vanessa says:

    Its amazing where God will take someone who is willing and faithful to do His good works. I am proud to call you my pastor, and to see the great things God is entrusting you with, Pastor Greg! Thank you for all that you do for the Glory of God!

  11. J.P. Hoke says:

    Amen! How blessed to be able to be a a part of such an incredible day in history. Good for you! But more, Good for God, His people, and America. His Spirit through prayer and His Word being poured out over the land and over the souls of this county through His beloved saints. How wonderful! Super stoked that you’re our family’s pastor!!! Maika’i! Very very good, we’ll done!

  12. Patti Hawks says:

    I’m so happy with how you ended the prayer! All prayers must be prayed in theName of Jesus! Thank you for serving God faithfully!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Greg Laurie
    I thank God the Father almighty Lord Jesus for your inspiration blessing and prayers along with your biblical teaching. Praise God for all you do in Jesus Holy Name.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Glad he invited you! Awesome…

  15. Cyndi says:

    Pastor Laurie, thank you for your continued work for Jesus, our Lord. I was thrilled to hear your voice at the Prayer service for our new President. May God continue to bless you, your voice for Him and our country ❤️

  16. Phil says:

    Pastor Greg,
    Thank you for your prayer for our new President and our country. We have attended Harvest Riverside for 15 years and we are so very proud of you today. What a milestone! May God continue to bless you always and God bless America!

  17. Cathy Desario says:

    Thank you for your prayers!

  18. Ran Charles Collins says:

    That is a wonderful prayer, Greg. Thank you for your faithfulness.

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