God hates it when we do this.

It seems we are living in the day of the tabloid mentality. I have never seen a culture and a society so obsessed with gossip, innuendo and rumor. People are looking for the next juicy piece of gossip. This thinking has even slipped into the news media. The tragic thing today is that if someone is charged with a crime, he or she is tried and convicted in the media before even having had the opportunity to go into a . . . read more ›

Easter: A Time of Hope

Here are some of my thoughts on Easter from a editorial I wrote for Riverside’s Press Enterprise that was published today. GREG LAURIE: Easter 2016: a time of suffering and hope Another terrorist attack, this time in Brussels. At least thirty-four people killed, many others injured. Add to this the fact that the horror of the terrorist attacks of San Bernardino are still fresh in our memories, happening right here in the Inland Empire – and that atrocity coming on . . . read more ›

Need Some Real Rest This Christmas?

If you were to think back to the last two Christmases, could you remember what you received? Quite possibly you don’t even remember what you received for Christmas last year. However, you may remember what you gave for Christmas because you might still be making payments on it. Really, what we’ll treasure from Christmas are those moments with family and friends. That is what will become precious. And when a loved one is no longer with you, those moments become . . . read more ›