The Kind Of Faith God Requires.

Research has found that contrary to the secularism of modern culture, Americans still believe in God. A 2016 Gallup poll revealed that 9 out of 10 Americans say they believe in God. But as writer Will Herberg observed, “America seems to be at once the most religious and the most secular of nations.” It is of the greatest importance that we know what true faith is. The Bible tells us that “it is impossible to please God without faith” (Hebrews . . . read more ›

Join Me in 2019 for an Israel Tour!

After a trip to Israel, you never read the Bible in exactly the same way. When you have walked in Jerusalem and think about what happened when Jesus died there… When you see the Sea of Galilee for yourself for the first time… When you stop and examine the spot where the temple was built and consider that the glory of God was literally right there… It just enhances your biblical view and perspective. You have a point of reference . . . read more ›

My Statement on SCOTUS Pick

I want to congratulate Judge Brett Kavanaugh on his nomination to the Supreme Court. I hope he knows that his nomination comes supported by the prayers of millions of Christians who trust in their judicial system to protect the rights and liberties of all Americans. Among the many things I love about America is our trust in God, and our separation of political power. These two values place our most powerful leaders in a position of accountability to God Himself . . . read more ›

Carpe Diem: The Value of Today

Life is filled with opportunities, but the big question is what we do with them. Do we let them slip by, saying, “Maybe next time. There is always another day”? Or, do we seize them? We may not have as much time as we think. Dr. Leslie Weatherhead calculated the average length of a life using the hours of one day to illustrate the importance of recognizing the value of time. He concluded that if your age is 15, the . . . read more ›

Don’t Read This If You Are Sinless.

Not long ago I was scheduled to speak at our church in Hawaii, Harvest Kumulani Chapel, on a Sunday morning. A couple of nights before, I noticed my legs were throbbing when I went to sleep. I had never had that before, and the next night it was even worse. When I went to church that Sunday, a man walked up to me before the service and introduced himself. He was a retired doctor and was interested in ways he . . . read more ›