The Key To Loving God.

I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone (guys, I am talking to you), but Valentine’s Day was this week. It’s a day we associate with the word love, but I really wonder if we even know what the word means. We use it in so many ways, from “I love my wife” to “I love my job” to “I love my dog” to “I love pizza.” I didn’t come from a loving, affectionate home, so it was . . . read more ›

Are We Racing Toward Armageddon?

Awhile back I was getting a lot of robo calls, so I found a feature on my phone that can block them. Before long I was blocking a lot of numbers. Then someone told me, “I called you five times. Why didn’t you answer the phone?” I was blocking people I actually wanted to hear from because I was getting messages from people I didn’t want to hear from. In some ways that’s like a lot of people when they . . . read more ›

“Did God Forget About You?”

Have you ever noticed how little children always want their parents’ attention? Maybe they’re learning to ride a bike and they call out, “Watch me!” There’s something in them that wants Mom or Dad to say, “All right! You’re doing a good job! I saw that – it was wonderful!” In a sense, this is how we should feel about our Father in heaven. We should be encouraged by the fact that God is paying attention to us. This can . . . read more ›

“How Much Is Enough?”

You’ve probably heard of the board game Trivial Pursuit. But I also think “trivial pursuit” would be a good description of how a lot of people spend their lives today. They expend all their energies in the pursuit of things that are, in the end, really trivial. In the end, all that will be left is that which is eternal. A number of years ago, U2 released an album called “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.” The fact is that . . . read more ›

The Key To Finding Happiness.

I once thought Christians lived the most boring lives on earth. That was before I became a Christian myself. Since then I’ve found the opposite is actually true. I have found that the holy way, the godly way, the way of obedience, is in reality the happy way. Some Christians talk about what they’ve given up to follow Jesus Christ. But what do we really give up? For some, it’s addiction to drugs or alcohol. For most, it’s guilt, emptiness, . . . read more ›