Why is the Bible so offensive?

Would you believe it if I told you the mere sight of the Bible is offensive to some people? This week, my church is holding its SoCal Harvest event for the 29th year in a row. Formerly known as Harvest Crusade, this annual gathering is one of the largest evangelical outreach events in the world. As many as 100,000 people will fill Angel Stadium this evening and the following two days, and a good portion of them will find hope, purpose and . . . read more ›

For Some, the Bible Is Offensive.

You may have heard about this. The article is pretty self-explanatory. The reason we used this image of me holding a Bible was a bit of a throwback to the old photos of Billy Graham (a personal hero and friend) holding his up while saying, “The Bible says . . . !” If you look closely at the book I am holding up, it does not say “Bible.” There is no cross on it. Yet, the image of someone holding . . . read more ›

When It Seems as Though the Bottom Dropped Out

Have you ever been extremely lonely, maybe even when you were surrounded by people? Have you ever felt cut off? Have you ever felt as though your friends abandoned you or that you were completely misunderstood? If so, then you have a faint idea of what Jesus Christ went through as he agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane. In a way, we all face personal Gethsemanes in life, times when it seems as though the world is closing in on . . . read more ›

It’s Time For Another Jesus Revolution.

The last great spiritual awakening in America was the Jesus movement, which took place about 40 years ago. I was there, and I think we can not only learn from history, but we can be inspired by history. A few years earlier, an April 8, 1966, Time magazine cover posed this question: “Is God Dead?” What a difference a few years can make, especially when God intervenes. Five years later, a 1971 issue of Time described a spiritual awakening: “Jesus . . . read more ›

The Kind of Faith God Requires

Research has found that contrary to the secularism of modern culture, Americans still believe in God. A 2016 Gallup poll revealed that 9 out of 10 Americans say they believe in God. But as writer Will Herberg observed, “America seems to be at once the most religious and the most secular of nations.” It is of the greatest importance that we know what true faith is. The Bible tells us that “it is impossible to please God without faith” (Hebrews . . . read more ›