This Is Serious!

Good Monday morning! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have started a new series on the book of Acts. I wanted to share a few thoughts with you from it. These are things that I have been thinking about a great deal lately. My life was impacted dramatically by the power of the gospel. In one single day, I completely had the direction of my life changed, for the better. I had looked for truth and answers in this world and found . . . read more ›

The Upside Down Life series starts Sunday!

Hey guys, Grandpa Greg here! Or, as my granddaughter Stella calls me, “Bapa.” She can’t pronounce “grandpa” yet, so “Bapa” it is. This weekend, I will be starting a brand new series, based on the book of Acts. We call this amazing book, “The Acts of the Apostles,” but it really is the a record of the “Acts of the Holy Spirit” as done through ordinary men and women who changed their world. I am calling this series, The Upside . . . read more ›

Jumping for joy at good news of the arrival of new grandchild!

I don’t know if I have mentioned to you that I have a granddaughter . . . Usually when I say that in a message, people laugh, as I tend to say that often. What can I say? I have become the cliché grandfather. It’s like some mysterious “grandparent gene” was released as soon as little Stella was born. The way I see it, grandchildren are the parents’ reward for all that their kids put them through, and the punishment . . . read more ›

Harvest 08 in Philadelphia

Hey Everyone! The Harvest Crusades are coming! We launched the website for our 2008 Greater Philadelphia Harvest today. The dates are October 3-5 at the Wachovia Center. Click here to check it out! Greg

For those who were never chosen for the team…

I was just thinking a little bit about being the one who is not chosen for different tasks. I don’t know about you, but in school I was never the first one chosen for the team. You know the routine – everyone is lined up, the two team captains are selected, and then they pick out who they want on their teams from the anxiously awaiting mob. You hold your hand up and perhaps say, “Pick me, pick me!” And . . . read more ›