Good Friday

Today is Good Friday! This is a special day on the Christian calendar when we remember the death of Jesus Christ for each of us on the cross. It was here that God and man were reconciled once again.

  • Here at the Cross, God’s righteous demands were satisfied.
  • Here, what was lost in the garden was regained again.
  • Here, a crippling and decisive blow was dealt against Satan and his minions.
  • Here, our Salvation was purchased.

We can never talk about it too much, or contemplate it too often. And because of this we know there is truly life beyond the grave. This is what sets our faith apart from all others.

With Buddhism, Islam, Krishna, and all the rest, you can go to the tomb of their prophets and gurus and pay your respects. But if you go to the tomb of Jesus, you will find it empty! He is alive!

The originator of a new religion came to the great French diplomat-statesman Charles Maurice de Talleyrand and complained that he could not make any converts. “What would you suggest I do?” he said. Talleyrand replied, “I should recommend that you get yourself crucified, and then die, but be sure to rise again the third day.”

I encourage you to check out our online Good Friday service today at 12:00 P.M. Pacific Time. Just go here.

Also, our very talented worship team of Billy Batstone, Steve Wiggins, and Hanz Ives have written a brand new song for this Easter weekend that you can download here for free. It is based on the message I will be giving this Easter Sunday.



7 thoughts on “Good Friday”

  1. Bob Huddleston says:

    Greg – I listen to your radio broadcast practically every morning on my way to work on WHCB 91.5 here in East Tennessee. Thanks so much for making the gospel so real.

    I love this season of the year, and for whatever reason it seems like this Easter has been extra special – maybe I’m finally realizing how great it is that our Savior LIVES! He left the tomb behind! Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, the song says. Praise be to God for loving us so much that He sent His Son to teach us and then to die for our sins, so that we can stand unblemished before a Holy God. Thank you, Lord.

  2. Joyce FOSTER says:

    Hello Pastor Greg I came to your Good Friday sevice I was really blessed by your word, I’am so thankful for you. I really love listening to you talk about God because u make it so plan and simple even a three year old can understand. I was really blessed.
    Thank You

  3. Mike says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog. Keep preaching the gospel!

  4. Parrish says:

    Hay Pastor Greg!

    Got your promo for your new blog on my Facebook. Yep, got one of ’em too! Of course, I have your links on it along with Billy Graham’s.
    We prayed for you at Worship Team practice for Easter service. May God richly strengthen and bless you as you minister this Sunday.

  5. Brent Ayotte says:

    What a great time to begin a blog – Good Friday! As the old Southern Preacher used to say “It’s Friday . . . but Sunday’s a-comin’!”

    I think what will be neat here is that this blog will be coming from a guy that’s real and relatable. Awesome!

  6. Cari Conroy says:

    Hi Pastor Greg –
    Great service today. Communion is always so emotional for me. It signifies such an important part in our Christian lives. The worship team sang a song today that brought me to tears, the one that says, “It is finished”. Really great song…and the worship team is so awesome. I am so glad I have re-dedicated my life back to the Lord. I love that He never left me, I just left Him for a while, but I am back and truly missed Him. My life and my works and relationships are so much better with the Lord’s guidance. God Bless you Pastor Greg, on always having a great Sunday message that totally fits my needs. God is good because He brought us you!!

    See ya Sunday!

    In Christ,


  7. Becky Smith says:

    Hi Greg:)God Bless you this Good Friday morning:)I look forward to reading your blog and watching the the messages online.Thank you so much for sharing:) You are my favorite!!..Thank You for all you do for the Lord:)
    Much Love..Becky:)

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