Interview with Naghmeh Abedini

Yesterday I interviewed Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been imprisoned in Iran for his faith for the past two years. What an amazing and heart-breaking story! Watch the interview here:

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  1. Wanda Farah says:

    Wanda says:
    Wanda says:
    January 21,2015 at 3:26 pm

    Praise The Lord for this family as they live & show their Trust & Testimony to the Power & Grace our Blessed Saviour Grants them to endure in His Name. The Name Above All Names – JESUS!
    May many souls be brought to Jesus
    through their sufferings.We pray for them & all persecuted believers around the world.

  2. Lupe Gonzalez says:

    I was so inspired by this young woman it brought me to tears and to shame because I have watered down the power of the Lord in my life and he is so powerful and a promise keeper. May the Lord keep her and meet all her needs and bring her husband home soon.

  3. Makhetha says:

    I’m from Southern Africa(Lesotho),and Christianity is allowed freely in my country, and watching Naghmeh story, or rather her family’s testimony I realise that we need to pray earnestly for Brethren around the globe, for sufferings which they are experiencing because of Jesus Christ. The testimony has truly challenged my faith with Christ. We pray for GOD’s intervention in the lifes of people who are being tourtured,percercuted

  4. claire says:

    Thank you so much. Your continued trust in God is contagious. I pray for Pastor & his family but I am moved to pray even more. You give me courage to put away my fears and share Jesus even more. God bless you and your family with hope, and grace to persevere as you wait on the Lord.

  5. Donna Smylie says:

    I am too humbled by Naghmeh and Saeed’s faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to write anything, except how much they love and worship God. It has inspired me to desire their courage and conviction. It makes me feel unworthy that I am not doing enough for His kingdom. I do not feel poor in spirit because God does give a calling and I had a calling for 17-years. I was surrounded by non-Christians and they called me the “church lady.” I felt blessed to be called that and it reassured me that I, indeed, was doing God’s calling for me. I will, indeed, pray for God’s will be done and that Saeed will be released and reunited with his family in God’s time and God will keep him safe.
    his family soon. I will pray, not only for this family but for all of God’s children being persecuted

  6. Tony Tan says:

    Glory to our Almighty God for His amazing grace and abundant love. What a Great testimony.

  7. Pat Bernacchi says:

    Naghmeh’s testimony seemed to bring the New Testament alive with the way the Lord was touching the lives of Naghmeh’s family, her sibling, her and her husband. How much we take our Christian freedom for granted. I pray for her husbands release and I praise God for the courage Naghmeh reveals in sharing the gospel.

  8. Carolyn says:

    What a beautiful testimony for the Lord. Thank you Pastor Greg for this video. The power of the Lord is clearly seen in Naghmeh as she daily walks and speaks her faith. I will continue to pray for this family.

  9. Cloti Olivas says:

    Its easy to see how many shall gain heaven with loss, when you see this exemplary life’s dedicated to God no matter what and in a harsh environment. I pray it motivates me to do better and to fully receive God in all the areas of my life aiming to please, honor, and worship Him with my Christian witness life.In Jesus name, Amen

  10. Ariel says:

    Praise the LORD, thank you for the word of encouragement.
    Truly it’s the LORD’s work how He uses ordinary people to do supernatural work for His glory. Thank GOD for you both couples and Pastor Greg. May the grace and peace of our LORD Jesus our Savior and the love of GOD and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit be upon you always. We love you, and continuously praying for all the persecuted churches.

  11. Eldia G says:

    I was blessed to hear her speak. I have been praying for his release since I heard about his incarceration at the Calvary Church in Sarasota Florida. I pray that GOD continue to Bless him and his family and reunite them again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What a powerful testimonial of grace, faith and conviction. I pray for continued strength for the family and God’s will be done.

  13. Angel Calo says:

    I was blessed with this powerful testimony & pray for Naghmeh & her family to find peace & comfort that they so honestly deserve… I will keep them in my prayers

  14. B.RONALD says:

    Receive my greetings from uganda in Africa.

  15. laura says:

    I have been praying for Saeed and your family ,Saeeds Faith and yours is speaking loudly to the world. Will continue praying for Saeed and your family to be reunited when the Lords work is done .

  16. Anonymous says:

    Powerful testimony of God’s deliverance and provision.What a beautiful woman full of God’s presence. Praying for Saeed and his family. How can I make people more aware of this?

  17. Angel G says:

    Hi Pastor Laurie & Naghmeh how horrible that these people were using the kids to do their dirty work not to mention they were being lied to. Me & My Friend Alex have been following Naghmeh & Saeed on Facebook for a while now, We even got to meet her & Your wife Cathy recently at the virtue womens calvary. We took a Picture with them. I’m a twin myself My twin is 3mins older than me.It’s Amazing How God works I Truly Believe that Saeed was Spoken by the Holy Spirit to get his kids to Do the Prayer Walk Because God already knew what was to come!!!! I Agree with Pastor Greg Saeed is a Great Inspiration for All Of Us Christians, The Rapture is Coming & I Know Saeed will Be 1 of the First to Be Raised Up!!! I Say that with a Loving Heart. God Bless You All Stay Blessed in the Lord. Your Friend for Life Angel. G

  18. Dannah says:

    What an unbelievable testimony. Her last words absolutely riveted my heart – they are being tortured and killed for sharing the Gospel, how can we not use our precious freedom to do the same. Thank you for bringing this incredible young woman to your ministry. I will be praying for her, her children, and her husband.

  19. Dayna says:

    Beautiful! God is doing amazing things through Naghmeh and Saeed!! I will continually lift them to the Lord. Thank you for sharing this Pastor Greg. I was blessed to hear her speak at the Virtue Girl Talk series.

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