Thoughts on the March for Life in Washington

Christians are all too often known as a people of ‘no’ and ‘don’t’, when in reality, we should be most famous for the ‘yes’ of God in our lives. The March for Life is an important event that reaffirms God’s ‘yes’ over all human life, at all stages and ages, starting at conception. I for one am here today because a woman named Charlene McDaniel decided to say yes to my life when she was a young, single mother who got pregnant out of wedlock.

Just the other day a young, single woman came up to me holding her beautiful twenty-month old daughter. When she was pregnant, she had planned to get an abortion when she heard me speaking on the radio. I mentioned that abortion was wrong and by the end of the program, she prayed and asked Jesus to forgive her and come into her heart. She decided to have her baby. She was so glad she did.

In America, we’ve been living with Roe v. Wade for 45 years now, and approximately 60 million preborn babies have lost their lives as a result. Let’s join together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters marching in Washington, and collectively as a nation say ‘yes’ to God once again. 

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the March for Life in Washington”

  1. Nancy Roussell says:

    Pray for my family and myself for spiritual strength.

  2. Nancy Roussell says:

    I would like the fre packet offered on 1/20/18. The free packet for praying with Pasture Greg. I would like prayer for my family and myself to grow spiritually as a family and to believe they Jesus died on the cross to save us. My family and I are going thru very difficult times spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally., psychologically, financially and health issues as well. Please pray for my family and myself. Sincerely,Nancy Roussell

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