My Statement on SCOTUS Pick

I want to congratulate Judge Brett Kavanaugh on his nomination to the Supreme Court. I hope he knows that his nomination comes supported by the prayers of millions of Christians who trust in their judicial system to protect the rights and liberties of all Americans. Among the many things I love about America is our trust in God, and our separation of political power. These two values place our most powerful leaders in a position of accountability to God Himself in Heaven and to one another on earth. Throughout our nation’s history, our Supreme Court has, again and again, been consequential in protecting our freedoms from those who have either misunderstood or misused liberty. It has helped us form a more perfect union and, as a religious leader, I’m grateful it has often protected the rights of conscience of tens-of-millions of Americans, like myself. May God grant Judge Kavanaugh His wisdom to continue this proud legacy of defending our unalienable rights, and may God give him favor for a speedy and fair confirmation.

4 thoughts on “My Statement on SCOTUS Pick”

  1. David Serbin says:

    We agree with Pastor Greg on all he says regarding our new SCOTUS nominee. We also pray for a speedy confirmation.

  2. Patricia Coleman says:

    WELL SAID, thank you so much!

  3. Linda Norcross says:

    Well said, Pastor Greg

  4. Tom Wiseman says:

    Amen completely and thanks Greg – keep up your good works, I am sure there are a lot like me you never see or know about that follow you and feel blessed by it.

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