My Thoughts on the Kentucky School Shooting

With each new mass shooting, especially when it involves our children and their schools, our nation loses more and more of its innocence. This time, 14 are wounded and two have tragically lost their lives. It is incumbent upon the rest of us, all across the country, to remember that as it says in Scripture, in the book of Matthew, “Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

No matter how many times it has happened in the past, or how many more times it may happen in the future, we must pray, asking God for His mercy and grace, that we might see an end to this type of violence in our land. May God comfort all those who have lost loved ones, and be close to all those in western Kentucky whose lives have been turned upside down by this senseless act of violence.

11 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Kentucky School Shooting”

  1. Josh Williams says:

    May God bless America and may we seek the Lord in prayer and focus on sharing the gospel, showing everyone there is another way, and that way is Jesus , amen. Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amen !

  3. Rick Hatter says:

    While many want to look at the tool of death, I believe we MUST look at Death itself. The Scriptures speak of being born once and dying twice or being born twice and dying once. The hope of eternal life is a given. Eternal life boils down to where is one going to spend eternity. The certainty of God’s knowing our time drawing breath, is without question. The comfort known by those who know and are known by God, is deeper than any ocean. It is hard for many today to fathom this truth because of unbelief. We who know grace and mercy MUST bombard the portals of heaven for those that are hurting because of the evil increasing as Evil’s day of reckoning is fulfilled. Please pray for those hurting because of the latest tragedy. Pray for those seeking understanding apart from God’s love.

  4. Chris Hill says:

    Our Nation needs prayer more now than ever before. We as a nation have been so Blessed but so often these Blessings go unappreciated. We truely are at a point where our technology is working against us…isolating us from one another and bringing chaos and decisiveness to our doorstep.Human life is no longer respected as a gift from God.

  5. Ruby Pitt says:

    Praying for everyone, the families whose loved ones were hurt or passed away!! Praying our nation will return to believe and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior before it’s too late!!!

  6. bryan says:

    thanks greg. good council in tough times.

  7. Pati pluim says:

    Pastor Greg,
    So elequent ❤️

  8. Robin Holmes says:

    May God richly bless you Brother Greg,
    Thank you for your prayers at this very difficult time. My son Matthew is in the 11th grade at Marshall County High. He was in the commens area and the shooter was right there, the shots were so loud that it rang Matthews ears. Matthew started to run and students fell, Matthew fell on them got up and helped them up and got them to safety.
    I’ve been fasting a fast of 21 days. I’ve been in prayer for my family, claiming the Precious Blood of Jesus over them. Today by the Mighty hand of God my son was safe! Hallelujah Thank You Jesus! I know for a fact it was the Hand of God over my son Matthew. Matthew said…….. Mom the bullets were flying, the gunman was going left to right with the gun.
    Thank you very much for all prayers, may God richly bless you Amen, and Amen.

  9. Pam Kirchem says:

    Thank you, Greg.
    Grieving with our friends in Marshall County. Thanks for speaking to our pain.
    Pam Kirchem from Louisville, KY

  10. Pam Donovan says:

    We are praying for all the victims of this heinous crime and for our great country. God forgive us and bless us all.

  11. Pam foster says:

    THIS just breaks my heart . So sad for the children and the families…..our world is so lost..!! We need to love one another and pull together to stop this violence.

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