On the Release of Pastor Andrew Brunson

Today we get to celebrate the news that one of our own, Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was sent out to preach the Good News, has finally been freed and is coming home with his family.

Let’s thank God for a positive and peaceful conclusion to this story, and let’s pray for the entire Brunson family as they readjust to life in America after serving the church in Turkey for 23 years. I am grateful that President Trump and the US government refused to give up on this case and in so doing send a powerful message to governments around the world that we will continue to fiercely defend religious liberty.

While we celebrate this news, let’s also remember our Christian brothers and sisters who are still enduring persecution and imprisonment at the hands of their governments, praying they too would ultimately receive justice.

2 thoughts on “On the Release of Pastor Andrew Brunson”

  1. Rob says:

    So blessed to see Pastor Brunson glorify Christ live on TV from the White House. And use the name above all names the politically incorrect. “In Jesus name”! Amen!

  2. Anonymous says:


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