Shalom from Israel!

We have the privilege of being in Israel for their 60th anniversary as a nation. Defying all odds, and fulfilling the inspired predictions of the prophets of the Bible; the Jewish people returned to their homeland and established themselves as a nation on May 14,1948. It is modern day miracle, and a bonafide “sign of the times.” Tomorrow we begin our tour in Joppa; here Jonah caught a ship in his attempt to run from God. We’ll also visit Caesarea . . . read more ›

BGEA Interview, Part 2

Part 2 of Greg’s interview with 3. How are you convinced of the security and surety of God’s promises? Have you ever experienced doubt? Sure, I have. Every believer will have moments of doubt. Even the great apostle Peter, who walked on the water, began to have second thoughts about this venture of faith and was sinking beneath the crashing waves when Jesus saved Him. Instantly, the Lord reached out His hand and grabbed him, saying “Why did you . . . read more ›

Shalom! (BGEA Interview, Part 1)

Hey everybody, I am in transit from California to Israel. I will be posting later this week from the Holy Land. Please pray for our journey. For now, I thought I would give to you, all my “blogging buddies,” a sneak preview of an interview I did for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Enjoy and Shalom! Greg (excerpt) 1. Being a tween, teen, or young adult can be a time of personal insecurity because we are looking for a place . . . read more ›

God Can Use You!

People have asked me why I have chosen to write my autobiography, Lost Boy, now and not earlier. I suppose I felt I needed to live some more life first. I also felt there were some chapters still to be written in my own life. I heard about a 15-year-old celebrity who is writing their autobiography. How much life have you lived at 15? But at age 55, I am on the “back end” of life now, not the front . . . read more ›


There are telltale signs as to where a person has been. For instance, if someone saw you with a bright red sunburn, they could assume you were outside for the day. The evidence is there. I wonder if people can tell if we have “been with Jesus”? The reason I say that is because that was said of Peter and John–that they “had been with Jesus.” What does that mean exactly? It meant that they were like Him in so . . . read more ›