There are telltale signs as to where a person has been. For instance, if someone saw you with a bright red sunburn, they could assume you were outside for the day. The evidence is there. I wonder if people can tell if we have “been with Jesus”? The reason I say that is because that was said of Peter and John–that they “had been with Jesus.” What does that mean exactly? It meant that they were like Him in so . . . read more ›

Thank you all for your prayers!

We had a very fruitful trip to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. And they showed us a lot of love, too! We started the day with an outstanding gathering of almost 400 pastors from the greater Philadelphia area. I spoke to them about essentials of the gospel presentation in a message called “The First Message of the Church.” They were very receptive and I had a chance to meet a lot of them afterward. One pastor told me he . . . read more ›

Going Coast to Coast

Well, the Harvest Crusades season has officially begun for me. Our outstanding Harvest Crusades team has been working hard behind the scenes for months now, but my more “official” part is now in full swing. Today, our Harvest Crusades team is meeting with a few hundred pastors at Angel Stadium in Anaheim in preparation for our upcoming Southern California Harvest, August 15-17. I will tell you more about that really soon. By the way, here is what the bumper sticker . . . read more ›

Illegitimate or Legitimate?

Last night, I told my life story at our Day 7 service at Harvest Christian Fellowship. To see that, click here. It’s a story that will hopefully bring hope to those who feel the deck is stacked against them. I talked about how my mom was married and divorced seven times and I, conceived in between marriages, was illegitimate. I did not find this out until much later in life. It’s rather disconcerting to find out that you are illegitimate. . . . read more ›