Reaching Today’s Culture

It’s a real challenge to reach our culture today. In my 35 years of ministry, I have never seen greater Bible illiteracy. There was a time when you could assume most people had a general idea of the Bible (i.e. if you referenced Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, Noah and his ark, or even Jesus Christ, they would have a sense of what or who you were referring to). Not anymore. People are largely oblivious to the Bible, . . . read more ›

The Weekend Is Here!

Hey, I don’t know about where you live, but here in Southern California it’s in the 90s! Sorry if it’s cold where you are. A couple of thoughts . . . You remember my blog entry a number of days ago, “This is serious!” I got some great feedback from you guys, so I decided to expand it a bit and post it for my weekly column at World Net Daily. World Net Daily is not what you would call . . . read more ›

Be Filled with the Spirit!

The Bible tells us to be “filled with the Spirit!” Have you ever wondered what that means? It may not be what you think. We might surmise to be “filled with the Spirit” means that we will have an emotional experience. Now, it could mean that, but you can have this encounter with God and have no emotional experience to speak of. I’m sure we would all love to have an emotional encounter with God every single day. It would . . . read more ›

Things I Don’t Like

Good morning gang! Yesterday, I posted some things I like. Now for some things I don’t like. Let’s begin with cell phones. I know, I know. In my “things I like,” I mentioned the iPhone. Well, all things in moderation! Here are some things about cell phone use and users that bug me: I don’t like it when people let the cell ring six times at full volume before they answer it. And you know that ring tone on your . . . read more ›

Things I Like

Hi! OK, I have been laying down the “sermonic” blog entries the last few days. What can I say? I’m just a preacher writing a blog, therefore you will get some preaching here and there. Now for something on the lighter side. Just a few thoughts about everyday things I like and don’t like. Things I Like… Lattes Especially from Peet’s Coffee, which I think is one of best coffee places going! BTW, we now serve Peet’s at our Café . . . read more ›