Happy Birthday Jonathan

Today is my son Jonathan’s birthday! He is 22 years old! We love him and are very proud of him. Here’s a photo of him with his little niece, Stella Laurie. If you would like to send him a birthday greeting, you can do so in the comments section. Thanks, Greg

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday! This is a special day on the Christian calendar when we remember the death of Jesus Christ for each of us on the cross. It was here that God and man were reconciled once again. Here at the Cross, God’s righteous demands were satisfied. Here, what was lost in the garden was regained again. Here, a crippling and decisive blow was dealt against Satan and his minions. Here, our Salvation was purchased. We can never talk . . . read more ›

Hello World!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my official blog, one that I actually do myself. This is a place for us to keep in touch on more of a personal basis. I will just be sharing thoughts, ideas, and recent happenings from my life here. I hope you will visit often, ’cause I plan on updating this on a regular basis. Also, there is a place for you to offer up your comments on what YOU are thinking! First of all, I . . . read more ›