Strength in Troubled Times

Where will you turn in a time of crisis?

When tragedy hits? When disaster strikes? Will it be your favorite magazine? The morning newspaper? The evening news? You will need something to give you strength and direction in your time of need—and you cannot find a better resource than the Word of God.

As one writer said, “One gem from that ocean is worth all of the pebbles from earthly streams.” Just a single pebble from the ocean of God’s Word can make all the difference when tragedy or hardship strikes. How many in their affliction have found comfort from the Scripture?

Never out of date

Trusting in what God has said through the Bible can sustain us and give us direction and hope and comfort when we most need it. Little platitudes or clever sayings don’t help, but the Word of God does. It has been said that, “he who rejects the Bible has nothing to live by. Neither does he have anything to die by.”

Things go in and out of style, but the Word of God never goes out of style. It never goes out of date, unlike this morning’s newspaper. The Word of God always will be relevant.

That is why C.S. Lewis once said, “everything that is not eternal is eternally out of date.”

Don’t wait.

I urge you to get a good foundation in this Book, because it is only a matter of time until hardship strikes you. It happens in every life, without exception. But if you have a good foundation in the Word of God, then you will be ready for difficulty when it comes. Don’t wait until then to try and catch up.

Get that foundation now.

4 thoughts on “Strength in Troubled Times”

  1. Danielle says:

    I agree completely. One day after a devastating thing happened to me and I felt like I couldnt go on, I got greg’s daily devotions on Romans 8:28-29. It was a word from God. Greg in his daily devotion told the story of the man who got trapped on the island and when everything got set on fire that is what saved him when a ship sailed by and saw his “smoke signal”. God’s word is the only thing that has got me through this life. In 2008 my 17 year old sister died after going through an agonizing battle with cancer. I know she is with the Lord now and doesnt have to worry about the cancer ever coming back again. My one true hope in this life is Jesus Christ.

  2. Juan M Montalvo says:

    Please HELP me by Praying for me.

  3. Rev.Jacob.C.Chacko says:

    Amen, Dear man of God ,
    Your words are powerful and good enough to lead people to Jesus, the Lord of all comfort !,

  4. Keith Denver says:

    I am going through some really tough times right now in my life and I get my strength thru reading the Bible and Prayer and attending Church services!

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