It’s Easter!

It’s early Sunday morning, before the dawn. Today, we celebrate, next to the cross itself, the most important event in all human history–the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead! Join me for one of our four morning services today at Harvest in Riverside, or online at HE IS RISEN . . . . HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Easter and You!

Did you know that you are in the Easter story? Not by name, of course, unless your name is Mary, Thomas, or John. But you are in the greatest story ever told, the Easter story. You are there in one of the characters in the story you most resemble. And then, there is a special word to all of us here today from Jesus Himself that is often missed. We will explore that together on Easter Sunday at Harvest. I . . . read more ›

Easter Is For Doubters!

Have you ever struggled with doubt when it comes to your faith? Maybe something has happened in your life that caused you to wonder if God really does keep His promises. I have good news for you—Easter is for doubters! No less than the apostle Thomas had his doubts about Jesus, but they gave way to belief and worship when he gathered with other believers in the presence of the risen Lord. I believe the same can happen for you . . . read more ›

New Web site coming!

I trust you all had a blessed Easter weekend. We had amazing crowds at Harvest this year, with some 20,000 people onsite for one of our four services. Despite a lingering sickness, I was able to preach at three of the services (we ran a video at the fourth) and we saw many come to Christ. This Thursday in the O.C. We are screening the newly re-edited version of my life story, Lost Boy: The Next Chapter. this Thursday at . . . read more ›